I have a profile on Match.com. I had been on there a few years back and deleted that profile, or so I thought. Just a few days ago I had a couple ladies refuse to meet me because they think I have two profiles up. One of them texted me a screenshot of what turned out to be a profile I had on Match about 5-6 years ago and deleted, but was kept live. The screenshot even has that green dot on it saying "Active within 24 hours" indicating I, or someone, was "active" on that profile on Match within the prior 24 hours. I emailed Match complaining but have not heard back. Do they illegally keep former profiles active to scam people? After deleting, why won't they really delete it?? How do I complain to authorities they are keeping a discontinued profile of mine active? It seems like they are scamming. And I am suffering from it. Please help?