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Thread: Potential Scam?

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    Default Potential Scam?

    Hi all,

    I will try to keep this brief as I know we all have similar queries when it comes to being suspicious of being scammed.

    I have met a Russian lady over the past week and obviously not wanting to make a fool of myself would just like to get some feedback on the happenings at present:

    01. I know that this particular lady is using Bat! email software. Should this raise any suspicions as I had heard that most spammers use this rather then using hotmail or the like.

    02. I am always addressed by my first name both in the body of email along with the subject box. I am assuming this is a good thing?

    03. The lady in question doesnt seem to be taking in everything I tell her whereby she on one occasion asked me my nature of work though I had already explained in clear detail in a previous email what I do for a living. She has however answered the odd question here and there so I am in tow minds of its from a template.

    04. She would like to telephone me and is wanting my number. Is this a good or bad thing?

    05. There has not as YET been any mention of money either for internet payment, travel expenses.

    06. She has sent me two photos which were relatively hi-res shots. One a normal photo and another in a studio. However, I have found another image of her on this site though it was under a different name and also a very lo-res photo. Could it be that these are 2 different people with the person on this site having stole the photo from somewhere else? a long shot probably...lol

    I hope this all doesnt sound too stupid and paranoid but you have got to watch your back you know. Hopefully I will get some responses rather soon. Thanks

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Lone Gunman Guest


    A behavior of just replying a few odd questions and avoid others, is a scammers hallmark, in my opinion.

    - Unless the made questions are not blunt or rude in any sense.

    And not to mention that picture issue.......

    See Ya

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    Hi Aussie,

    In repsone to your concerns, from what I can gather, the lady in question appears to be at least genuinely answering your emails whereby she is addressing your correspondance which I feel must be a good thing. However, whether or not she has a greater master plan in terms of scamming then who knows. I hope for your sake that she does not. I myself have actually confronted the woman whom I was wary about and whilst she denies it until she is blue in the face, I do know that she is a scammer for certain. By approaching her, this has at least stopped the run of the mill template emails but I do find myself asking is this a potentially dangerous situation due to the fact that she knows that I am aware of her antics and now she wants to visit me for a vacation. I do not wish to rain on your parade but just be aware. Scammers are obviously not at all nice people with zero morals so watch that she doesnt intend to visit you or vice-cersa and then clear you out. I am now treading very carefully myself as I am quite frankly scared of what forming a friendship with a scammer could turn into. Very silly I know but the need to want to turn someone bad into good is far too great...lol. Anyway, I realsie I have not answered many of your queries direct but hope that my own experience may at least help you in just being slightly more wary. I will keep you posted. By the way, before anyone shoots me down in flames for trying to from a friendship with a scammer, unfortuantely my curiosity has the better of me though I do not for one minute condone her actions.


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    wxman2003 Guest


    I agree, you need to be careful. I do not believe every woman in Lugansk is a scammer. In fact I have visited Lugansk and met a very nice woman. I corresponded with her for many months before I visited.
    I did not send any money, and she knew that I was not going to send money, but yet we continued to write. When I visited her, she did not ask me to buy her things. However, I did buy her a few gifts, and she was quite happy. I met her family and friends, and we had a wonderful time. Nobody tried to mug me or rip me off. Their are thugs everywhere in this world, including Lugansk. There are also wonderful people in this world, including Lugansk. Send no money, is the simple answer. Scammer will dump you in a week if they know there is no money coming their way. Also if they write that they love you before meeting, then that is a scam. How can one fall in love, if they have never met? Seems crazy to me if they do.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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