I am a resident of Ukraine, and not by hearsay I know about all the scams that turn crooks from the CIS countries.
Last year I got to work in Poland, and then for the first time I heard about this type of fraud as fraud in dating
Europeans and wealthy men from other countries.
Then my colleague in Poland told me his story for the first time, and asked if I could help him and punish this crook,
I was so stunned by this story, with so much arrogant and mean-spirited deception that my new acquaintance had experienced, that he decided to help him.
Upon my return to Ukraine, for a start, I checked the data that she provided, and the passport data. My friend from the police helped me in this.
It immediately turned out that the passport was a woman who is much older in age, who lived in a small town in the Dnipropetrovsk region,
and it did not at all coincide with her legend, and that she lives in Kiev and she is 23 years old, and she works as a fitness trainer,
but unfortunately, as we found out later, there was not even such a fitness club.
Then began the most difficult of her searches. for a start, we found out where the money was received by the Western Union, it was not difficult to make the sender,
She requested the money for a trip, and cash for presentation at customs. And we found out that it was received in Poltava. And then everything is completely confused
and we began to track it with letters, and continued communication to collect at least some information. We were able to lure her with a gift, for a personal transfer,
but she still found the reason why she couldn’t take it personally. We agreed to meet, she said that it would be her friend, who could pick up the package in Kiev,
from the bus. there I already got on her mark when a young guy met a parcel instead of a girl.
He was so scared that he told everyone who asked him to get the package, and gave more information.
We were able to write a statement to the police, and as it turned out, it was a whole office of such workers, who on a large stream deceived gullible men.
Of course, we could not return the money that was sent, but we were able to punish them. It was the most important thing, and felt the satisfaction,
that men will no longer suffer from their actions.
My friend advised me to share a story, and offer to help men who are deceived, and maybe even prevent the deception that you can expect.
I hope I can help someone.