She has not asked for money! We are 10 Emails in.

She writes in one continuous block. No paragraphs or 3-4 sentence blocks. Asked Many times to try and get her to write like I do in my letters to her. I have asked for her to touch her nose to help prove she was real. She sent me a photo doing so in the second letter.

She wants to communicate with me other than Emails. I say to use Skype or Facebook. She did not know what Facebook was and after telling her, she said it is Blocked in her area. Same with Skype. She says it is Blocked in her area. Her Internet Cafe Owner says they can not run it on their computers because it is blocked. Same with her local library.

I tell her I have Doubts about her but she don't seem to mind. She lives in village of Spirino.

Anyone know if Skype is Blocked there? I Swear I have seen her before many years back but not sure. I know Scammers do not like taking Personal Photos, that is why I asked her to touch her nose and she did BUT they way she writes bothers me.

I was writing another Young Lady from around the same area and they Both write in one HUGE Block. They have Punctuation but No Spaces. I asked both to write like I do and am doing here. The First one did the next letter but Marina has not and continues to write in a huge block. Something a AI Computer program might do.

She Does answer persona questions when she understands but sometimes when she is talking about herself she will say "Tell Us about you." "Us want to know" Or she will talk in third person. She love to keep saying my name.

Not Sure on this one. I hope she is not a Scammer. I just asked for a photo of her belly with my name on it. Maybe she will maybe she won't.

IF Skype is Blocked in her Area, anyone know a good Free alternative?