Hello, dear community.

I became a victim of a scammer who used someone else's photo on Instagram. He desperately made me fall in love and is brutally trying to develop his eerie scenario further. What should I do? I am an ordinary single woman of 40 years who has lost the habit of male compliments and only communicates with colleagues ...

How to live with it? Using my analytical mind, I found that all the photos in his profile belong to a famous professor. I wrote to a real professor, so far without an answer.
The phone that the man the scammer gave me was being tracked in Plymouth, UK. He hung noodles, fell in love, is already going to get married ...This Morris even sent me a photo from the operating room (he is supposedly a surgeon), real photos of the human insides. How can you scoff at the feelings of even a not very poor financially, but a lonely woman? He called me his future wife and my daughter - his future daughter.
I have never had the experience of online dating, especially with foreigners.
I only communicate with foreign colleagues on business trips and only face to face.

What can I do?