Hello all I have a question about a girl I met on the dating site Contintental Singles. I would like to know if this IP is a suspicious and at the same time I went to a website about IP trackers and I found lots of people who wrote in that website about being scammed by that IP. Here is a list of comments about their experiences with receiving e-mails from this IP


Offered a tutoring service, someone reached out said they'd mail me the money in advance. Asked for all my info, gave them fake information. And looked them up, they're from Kansas smh. I major in CS so they finessed the wrong person > - 2019-06-12
Nigerian scammer goes by the name of kira Wilson,alex Wilson, real name emmauel okeo stevens - 2019-06-13
Scammers! - 2019-06-26
Scammer, claims to send you money to donate it to the poor - 2019-06-27
It's a NORMAL MAIL SERVER!!!!!! NOT A PERSON. OH BOY. *sighs glhf - 2019-06-27
They smuggling guns. Do not pay anything at all.But if you payed..go to the state police. They can help you. You have to go and report the police!!! Couse they are using your information for another crime scam. - 2019-07-03
The person behind this IP address confirms to have cigarettes but wants money in advance or pay suppliers escrow account. After asking 3 times he says he is in in the UK when he is actually in Kansas. - 2019-07-24
The delinquent is located in Cameroon not Kansas. The server IP address is displayed as Kansas but gmail is in Africa. - 2019-07-24
The delinquent is located in Cameroon not Kansas. The server IP address is displayed as Kansas but gmail is in Africa. - 2019-07-24
This ip claims that I am from London . And She has a lot of properties which she want to shere with me and claims my full Address. - 2019-07-27
On Match.com and Zoosk claiming to be Anthony Salerno, widowed and looking for love. Want's money or theft identity. CAUTION - 2019-08-01
Scammer!!! This kind of people we should report to get them the punishment. How should we go for that? - 2019-08-09
This IP is belong to a scam gang!!! BE CAREFUL - 2019-08-11
Be careful fraud. He pretends to be frank morgan on the page of tangged. - 2019-08-16
My father in law got scamed £400 by this sever they betend to be from Ireland and use the name Mrs Gomez and they have two African grey parrots for adoption but you have to pay the shipping . - 2019-08-16
this person is active mostly on dating sites - 2019-08-17
This is a SCAM. When reading comments, they all share a common point. As for the IP address, I checked my friends' emails and have other IPs, so it's not like all gmail messages have the same IP. - 2019-08-18
this ip address was used to send me an email saying that I should go to this address for work and that he was an temp agent ,do not believe this guy he is a scam - 2019-08-21
mi novio del rol me estafó con el ip para que no detectara sus demás cuentas, chale :/ - 2019-08-22
big scam .tried scamming me off a freelance platform - 2019-08-23
This IP address request to add him in fb messenger. He chat with me about two weeks, sweet talker, propose love and marriage. Talked to me everyday how much he loves me. Ask for my nude photos. I rejected him. Then he said he wants to come to my home country, ask me book the hotel. I asked him send me his ID, he sent me a fake United Stated Driving license. Beware of this IP. - 2019-08-23
hable con una chica que dice que es militar me dice que a yude guardando una caja me da descofinza pq empece a buscar su lugar de origen y me dice que esta ira y busco su ip y esta en EE UU y miente - 2019-08-25
Scam! This IP tried to rent me an appartment - 2019-09-01
IP used to send gmail request for buyers to pay for fake car sale posted on Craiglist and offerup. - 2019-09-05
Me contactó un tal david lancelot por facebook dice ser coronel en Siria y tener una hija rose en un internado de entrada se notó una estafa así que le sigo el juego quiso enviarme 800mil dólares en una caja de la cruz roja y luego como no acepte y nunca di mi dirección dijo que le robaron el dinero y pidió ayudar para tramites de vuelo y venir a verme a mi país le sigo el juego a ver hasta donde llega esta todavía en facebook quisiera saber de quien robo las fotos se podrá averiguar? Me escribe desde esta ip - 2019-09-06
IP was used to try to sell a trailer on craigslist. Upon contacting seller, they asked for information to "give to ebay" to set up the sale. Claimed they were military, but being military myself, I looked for their name and they dont exist. - 2019-09-06
SCAM !!!! Everyone is careful - - 2019-09-08
A person claimed to be Lucy Byran an alumnus of Andrews University with a job offer. It is a scam. - 2019-09-12
We're a catering business and they wanted to us to pay us in full ahead of the event (unheard of) and then requested that we pay for the band in full. - 2019-09-13
this Ip address is scam. Dont reply or talk to anyone on Instagram new name is jammygrd (James Darmondy Richard) - 2019-09-21
Someone from this IP need to register on a site with a free registration fees and need some personal data, do not reply any email from this IP. - 2019-09-24
this IP named in FB as Raymond Li Jie... - 2019-09-29
widower from norway, Raymond li jie. fantastic lair - 2019-09-29
IP used for inheritance scam. - 2019-10-02
scam scam scam.... - 2019-10-03
How to search this ip - 2019-10-03
I got this IP address from Hans Padiyar. Indian. Scam. - 2019-10-05
romance scammer, elena from russia, need money for a flight ticket to her honey in germany - 2019-10-17
I had someone from this IP address pretending to be a woman from Texas wanting to hook up! - 2019-10-17
Craigslist ad for renting a house in Vancouver. The name they used was a real person in Vancouver and the ad seemed legit with details such as the bus information and walking score. Scam for sure once I checked here. - 2019-10-18
This woman tries to play you of being an aircraft pilot with a successful job interview for a corporate jet but returns to Czech and plays on her dad is sick and needs money to return to Canada for her job.I new after 2 weeks of good chat when the money came up it was a scam,,,So i took her email and PLAYED her back with my different email and she played right into (but she sent different pics)...Total scam and i had much fun screwing them over...IP address came from Kansas - 2019-10-31