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    stumped Guest

    Default Not Sure If I was Scammed

    Hello All,
    I have been talking to a russian lady for nearly 6 months now. (have 68 emails from her and 25 pictures). The pictures are of all different ages including high school and university as well as some recent ones. We have discussed almost everything from our hobbies and interests to our families and lifestyles and work to the possibility of marriage. She has answered every question I have asked as well as asked me alot of questions. Every letter seems to be personal and is never a copy. I have looked everywhere on this site and the internet and cannot find her picture or anything in her letters that would suggest a scammer. One thing that does bother me is that her name is the same as a Russian actresses name as well as a Russian scammer that is in a different city and has a different picture. I checked the IP address of all emails and they all seem legit but she uses a program called The Bat so the closest I can trace is to a communication company in Yoshkar-Ola meanwhile she says she lives in Vladimir City (her passport also shows Vladimir City). I sent her the money for a plane ticket and her documents (since I had the money to spare) then she went to the embassy in Moscow and they apparently did a background check on us and approved the visa but needed to see 1800US dollars to prove she could take care of herself if there were problems. She said she wasn't able to borrow the money (said she tried)(has no family as her mother left her in the maternity ward when she was born) and I told her that I cannot get the money before the plane ticket was up. On the last day she took the ticket back but said she lost 30% of the price because it was the last day. (I told her to wait until then as I was trying to borrow the money). By the way, the money issue was not discussed until about a month after our first letter (11 letters later) and we both kind of discussed the issue, she didn't just come out and ask. She even went as far as saying that the money is mine and she doesn't want to spend it and even asked if she could use 10 dollars for the train to Moscow when she went to the embassy. She also apologized for losing the 30% on the plane ticket return. I also asked her for a picture of her passport and she sent me one that looks real. The picture is the same as one of the ones she sent me a couple months ago of her and has a round stamp on it that covers part of the passport as well as the picture. Everything is written in Russian but under her first and last name it is also written in English. And the date is June 10, 2004. This is exactly 10 days from the date she said she is going to get the documents done (the travel agent told her it would take 10 days). Everything seems fine but obviously she needs a new plane ticket.... She found another ticket but it wasn't as cheap as the first one so she asked me if she should keep looking. This was 2 weeks ago. I sent her the money (650US) last week and told her to buy it. I have not heard from her for these 2 weeks and the money is still sitting in Western Union and has not been picked up. I feel that if she was a scammer, she would have grabbed that money before stopping all emails. She uses the computer at work to email me she says but now her boss is watching her. She doesn't like using the internet cafe as it is expensive she says. Only used it once or twice to the best of my knowledge.
    In conclusion, Is it usual for the embassy to ask to see 1800US before giving a visa for Canada? I have heard this is true but I'm not positive. She uses hotpop mail (kind of like hotmail) but every email is run with The Bat program. I can't see a scammer spending so much time (6 months just to get money out of someone). I figure they would move on after a couple weeks. Over half of her pictures are natural and outdoors or in her place. None of them seem to be agency pics. If she was scamming, why would she leave the last of the money I sent her? Maybe her email is not working? (but for 2 weeks? seems strange) Could she be in the hospital? Is she sick at home? (she has no phone or computer at home she says). Anyway, my thoughts are completely undecided as to what is going on. Any advice or ideas would help. Sorry that this is so long. Just wanted to get all the information to you before decisions are made.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Lone Gunman Guest



    Why on earth do you not simply email the Foreign Office of Canada and ask about the need of showing money, instead of asking at this forum?

    You probably get a more accurate reply, you may even learn if there's any option to it.

    I'm not a Canadian, so I don't know. But one thing I feel certain about, is: These rules differs around the world.

    Quite odd, thou, if the embassy staff want to see US dollars. Canadian dollars would be more appropriate, wouldn't it?
    Or is it you who think no one here have ever heard about that currency?
    Or is this a community for North-Americans exclusively in your opinion.

    See Ya

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    stumped Guest


    FYI, I am waiting for a reply from the Canadian Embassy in Moscow. And I thought this was a place to ask questions and possibly get some answers from people who may know something I don't. I have also heard that a lot things in Russia are handled in US dollars so I don't find it odd. If I wasn't supposed to ask these questions here or post in this forum then go bitch to the admin and have my letter removed.

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    I'm sorry dear Stumped, but you has been scammed. I also was scammed by a supposed Russian girl who said she lived in Vladimir but in fact she lived in Yoshkar-Ola. I also traced her emails' IP address and turned out Yoshkar-Ola and the two money amounts that I sent her also were paid in Yoshkar-Ola. She also tell me she went to Moscow to request the visa and there she asked me for more money, but in fact she didn't go to Moscow because the money was paid in Yoshkar-Ola. I was emailing her for 5 months and until fourth month she didn't asked me for money, it was just when we talked about to visit me.

    You can phone to Western Union and ask for the city where the money was paid. If it's Yoshkar-Ola you will have the confirmation. And if second money amount has not been paid, block the payment.

    Good luck.

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    Lone Gunman Guest



    I'm so very sorry if you feel offended.
    Of course you are in your own right to write anything you like here, and "admin" is the moderator.
    About your own embassy-contact:
    -I didn't get that reading the first posting you made.

    See Ya

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    stumped Guest


    It looks like I was scammed! The embassy emailed back saying they have no record of her visa application what-so-ever. And thanx Javier for the info. I think it was probably the same person like you had encountered. Western Union wasn't able to tell me last night where the money was paid out as the system was busy but will call me tonight as soon as they find out. I have had her red flagged with the Western Union fraud department and have also reported her to the Internet Fraud Crime Center which is partnered by the White Collar Crime Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I also was at the site where I first met her and found another profile (different name and picture) with almost exact wording in the profile. There was also another old profile that was 99% identical. This is probably why she never got the last amount of money from me as she is switching names and photos and most likely changing the email address each time so she doesn't get caught up with sending guys information from the wrong woman. And just never answers the old emails anymore. I will be posting her information on this site and the blacklist when I get a moment but it is possible she will not use these photos or this name again but who really knows.

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    I am really sorry for you, guys.
    But I hope that you still will have some trust left to pretty women from Russia or Ukraine.

    Treasure state - my sweet home!

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    Raibeart Guest


    First, Canada is as strict or stricter for entrance to the country. No young Russian woman will be granted a tourist visa. The other common thing to hear is that they have a friend working at the Russian Embassy that can get a special visa for them. Do not believe it. But, Do take the advice of Irina, for every scammer, there are probably 1,000 good, honest women out there.

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    stumped Guest


    Hello Again, I have no intentions of this incident putting a damper on my meeting a lady from Russia or the Ukraine. Hopefully I'll even meet a couple of nice friends also. I just hope she doesn't scam anyone else.
    Good Luck To All,
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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