First I want to apologize about my bad English.
The Odessa-Scam-Connection is a couple of good- situated women in Mid-Age who are living from cheating men from western states.
All that woman don't work or have some Pseudo-Jobs but they have a good live, of course, because they have some man around them who are paying for their life without to understand that they are not the only one.
I was sometimes in Odessa because I was a victim of them, but very fast I understood how it works.
My woman was Irina Buzhbetskaya. She wrote me in a social network and after some short letters she visited me in Germany. One month later she came the second time. Third time I was the first time in Odessa and she introduced me her family. Later I understood that all the family know about this kind of cheating and they was playing they're games very well. At least she managed that I was falling in love to her.
The story was very good, married with some rich people from Ukraine, divorced because man was crazy ( later I understood why ;-) ), now hardly fight for alive, sick mother….
The only reason for that story was, to hide in front of different men, that they don't understand what’s behind the mask. Did you ask yourself, why she have only some pictures in facebook? Not with you when you are your boyfriend? I think its normally for a couple, to show they're love in front of friends.
Short after that came the asking for help (Money) and stupid how I was I send her. This happened sometimes.
Then following some meetings and at the last meeting she told me that I can't come into her flat and I need to rent an apartment. This apartments rent out her girlfriend Marta Malova for incredible 350€ for 4 nights‼! (also on this site). Then, the following day my lovely Irina lost her wallet with "1500 US$" inside and she makes me, that I should feel guilty for that. This money was for her daughter what wanted to merry short after that to pay the bright-dress. The thing was, that she takes the wallet within the restaurant Casa Nova ( you must remark this name), manager is her girlfriend Julia, but she came out without that wallet. Later she played the story that I was not careful because I was waiting in the car in front of a shop and when she came she was missing her wallet. Both girls playing very well, because she trying to implementation me that somebody stole the wallet out of the car when I was inside‼! Anyway, after that the behavior of Irina changed very fast, when they understood, that I was not willing to give her 1500 US$. When I back to Germany the contact becomes colder. Because that I became curious and I was searching in some social networks and Dating sites, and what I found…. all that woman what was her friends and I was meeting them in Odessa. Of course I was bad surprised, when I understood that I was cheated. Even when we were together in Berlin she was active on dating sites and wrote with other man‼! You must imagine, she is guest in my house, playing big love and at the same moment she writing with "friends" all over the world. When you meet her, watching careful, how often she is writing messages. Ask her to show you what she is doing !!! She will refuse, be sure.
Now I become curious and want to know everything and I become a detective  I understood how this woman working, also together.

Here are some discovered members of Odessa scam ring:

Irina Buzhbetskaya

Oksana Palagina (her best friend; husband of Oksana is wanted by FBI and Interpol because Stock exchange fraud)

Maria (45)- Her real name is Ljudmila Romanchuk and works in Restaurant Casa Nova,

Marta (45), Here real name is Marta Malova (she rent the apartments for the victims)

Lana (47)- Her real name is Juliana Pawlowa,

By the way, all that woman are older, but because an easy life they are looking much younger.
All that woman living a very good life without to work, going shopping, gym, expensive dining.
Incoming in average in Ukraine is around 450€ and you can imagine, if only three men send money per month that they can life very well from that. Because that they write with some man at the same time and they are very fast willing to visit that man if he paying the ticket. Believe me, I proofed it with some pseudo-accounts.
For my luck a friend-girl from Ukraine helps me with my investigations and what a happenstance- her sister in Law is working in a fashion-shop in Odessa and she knows all that woman- they are coming often with different men who are paying the bills for expensive shopping.
For my understanding this woman are clever, but not very smart. With a bit time, patience and the knowledge where to search it’s very easy to understand all that. I'm only angry about myself that I don't understand that earlier. What makes me really furious is, that that woman are playing with the feelings from other men only to take them out the money out of the wallet. And be sure… you are not the only one!!!
You can find that woman in:

If I can give you advise... Beware because Odessa is the capital of AIDS - run away!