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    Default A Scammer admitting it!!!!!

    Back at the end of August, I was contacte by a Margarita Atamanenko email: marg_ivanova@mail.ru. in Russia. 2nd letter told me she only worked 6 hours per day as a fitness trainer and couldn't afford the internet! So wrote her off!

    Then this week she appears on Absolute as Mila A3864975 of POLAND!!!!! So I sent her this mail via Absolute....

    From: AA_35 Will65
    > Date: 2004.10.04 15:14
    > Subject: Dear oh, dear.
    > Dear oh, dear. When did you move to Poland and when did you change your name? This is what you sent me in August, you scamming scum:

    > First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Margarita and I?m 24. I am an optimist, intelligent, sensitive, sensual, affectionate, patient and open-minded. Most people say that I am a "warm" hearted erson..........AND A SCAMMER!

    Now have a look at stop-scammers.com sure you'll be there soon!

    Cheeky b*tch sent this reply today:

    Date: 2004.10.07 17:52
    From: A4955923 Mila
    Subject: Re: Dear oh, dear.

    oh...darling...and when you became so full that you began to like paying $14.95 for using a site that has no value because it's no more than earning money for US?...


    Well at least she admits it! Doesn't say much for Absolute Agency, though!

    Take a look at her while she's still there and make a note of her details and photo. I have several of her on HD if anyone is in any doubt of the face behind this name.


    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    The word Absolute Agency is acronym for SCAM ARTIST! This web site is a heaven for scam artist. I have not contacted one girl (scam artist, crook, etc.) that did not try to run the old travel/visa scam, money for sick or injured parent, and or the urgent need for surgery. Christ! This is the most decitful web site on the internet, and scam artist are drawn to this site like stink on ****! Avoid like the plague!!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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