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    Raibeart Guest

    Default When will they learn?????

    I just read another scam report in the latest mailing from this site.

    Name: Svetlana Antonova
    Aka: unknown
    Location: Cheboksary and Yoshkar-Ola and Kirov (Russia)

    When will you guys learn to research things? Get the facts before even starting the process of looking for a woman overseas. The guy was taken for a large amount of money and did not have a clue.

    The first fact...they cannot come to the USA on a tourist visa. If they say they can get one, they are lying. PERIOD. NO FURTHER DISCUSSION.

    Fact 2...YOU have to go somewhere to meet them. Either to Russia or another country that they can go to. ONLY after this can you apply for a K-1 visa. This may be different depending on the country you are from, but for the US and Canada, it is true.

    Fact 3...Russian women, at least all of the ones that I have known, will not write porn letters to you. If she is, then you can take a bet that she is a scammer. The guy that reported the one above did not catch on even though she was giving him a written blow job in the 3rd letter. Most of the Russian women that I have met are pretty conservative when it comes to sexual things, even though they enjoy it very much, they are not going to write letters like he said he was getting.

    Fact 4...You may have to look more than once. Like relationships in your own country, the first one may not work out. DON'T blame her for everything if it does not work out. A relationship is a two way street. Personally, I was on my final try when I found the woman that was perfect for me.

    STOP thinking with your little heads and use your other one. Find out how you can get them to your country. What the requirements are and what the process is. Find out the time line for doing it. Find a forum of men that have done it successfully. THEN AND ONLY THEN start looking for a woman that meets what you are looking for. This is not the 1800's when all you had to do is look at a picture and they would send the woman to you. They are NOT mail-order brides. With the immigration laws that are in place now, they never will be, at least not in the USA. If you do not do your research and do your due diligence up front, then you will get what you deserve.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    wxman2003 Guest



    Your words are 100% accurate!

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    Raibeart Guest


    Thanks. I was just tired of reading about scams that a few hours of research could have prevented.

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    Raibeart Guest


    Here is another one, just posted...

    First name: Veronica
    Last name: Andreisheva
    Aka: unknown
    Age: 26
    Location(s): Kosmodemiansk (Pussia); Yoshkar Ola (Russia)
    Addresse(s): unknown
    Phone number(s): unknown
    E-mail addresse(s): LeeLoo2@mail.ru
    On web site(s): Cuteandsingle
    Report(s): Report N1
    Veronika tells that she lives in Kozmodemiansk, but when I sent here money like an idiot she picked it up in Yoshkar Ola Russia. Tells that she need the money for visa, passport and medical test. And never has plans on getting this! Tell for all of this she need $490 dollars. I find out after words that it only costs about $150.

    Dustin Crabb (USA)


    I hope you are active in the forums. For your information Kosmodemiansk is a small village outside of Yoshkar-Ola. And, my guess is that there is not a bank or Western Union there but there is in Yoshkar-Ola.

    Have you went to meet her?
    Did you file a K-1 visa for her?
    Do you know anything about US immigration laws?

    The mediacal tests are about 100. An international passport is about 100. Visa, at least a K-1, you pay for when you file it. You need to give more information about what happened.


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    Oct 2004


    The mediacal tests $100
    The visa $ 100
    DHL $50
    The international passport about $50
    Tickets to Moscow and back by plane $300-500
    Hotel in Moscow for 2 days of $100


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    Raibeart Guest


    Thank you for the details Risha.

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    Dec 2004


    I was a member of Yahoo personals approximately six (6) months ago. Veronika Andreisheva and I exchanged email messages for a bit, but work was pressing and the conversation died off. In Early November 2004 I heard from her again. I had changed jobs and had more time for romance. I suggested we meet and she said she would love too, but that it costs $1250 to come to America, and that she only had $300. However if I wouldn't mind helping out with the difference ($950), she would make the arrangements.

    I travel a lot with work and that didn't seem like an unreasonable amount. So... I took $950.00 (plus the $68.00 fee) to Western Union on 4 DEC 2004 and sent the money.

    As I waited for a response, the thought crossed my mind to check Google for her email address---just in case. To my shock and horror there were three references to her email address: LeeLoo2@mail.ru

    Each reference referred to a dating/money scam. One site even had her picture posted! I immediately called Western Union thinking the money was probably gone already. Fortunately it was the middle of the night there and she had probably went to bed. In any case, the money was still there! It hadn't been claimed yet! Now the race was on! Could I cancel the transfer before she (or they or ???) picked up the money??? FORTUNATELY for me, I cancelled the Transfer in time and lost only the $68 dollar fee. I also lost a little bounce in my step realizing that there was no love on the other side, and worse, what seemed like deception and greed. All of this occurred just 6 hours ago, and I have not heard from Veronika yet. I did drop her an email letting her know that I had cancelled the transfer. I don't know that she will ever write. Alas...

    I read on one of the Russian Women Black List sites that Scam Artists in Russia target Yahoo Personals... That is where they found me. I got lucky--I hope you do too.

    Best wishes...

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    Raibeart Guest



    You also did not know anything about the process. Before you start again, learn about the immigration process for the USA. She cannot come here except on a fiance visa or a spousal visa. PERIOD!!!

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    May 2004


    Frankly it's crazy to send money to anyone after only exchanging messages even if they are legit. You've got to go over there and meet them in person. Even then you've got to be careful.

    Guys who send money fuel the scamming industry and are almost as much to blame.


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    Jan 2005


    Hi you men.
    i have just been approached by anya but her real name is veronika andreisheva from yoshkar ola .she has e mailed my lots in the past 2 weeks on cupidjuction. in love with me etc but i did a search and found her on 4 black list site.beware brothers!!!!!!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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