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    seekinglove Guest

    Default Devoted.Singles Is Totally Scam

    I was on Devoted.Singles for a couple of months, and everyone I spoke to wanted from me pre-paid cards, money or similar. They all say they want to meet, and all need money in some forms. In case you give it, you don't hear from them again.
    Website is full of scammers. Don't register! If signed up, get out asap as you will loose your money and still be single. TOTALLY A SCAM AND WASTING OF TIME. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Devoted Singles - Totally Scam

    Iíve been on this site for 3 months.. sketchy as hell. One I called out right away. And she caved in on the scam. Another needed a phone upgrade and the third wants $ for gas to drive out to me.. 100 mile ride = 50 buck gift card. Lol.

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    Default 100% of all girls are scammers

    I'm not a big fan of online dating but decided to give one of the free sites a try. I have only been on the site for 7 days and three different women tried to scam me. One of them after my little research used picture of an extremely famous model. She gave me her phone number and I didn't ask for much info but I could be totally wrong on this one too. Almost all the girls on this site are scammers. I am 100% sure the moderators have something to do with this because I never gave out my Hangout address but now up to 30 different people have tried to contact me on Hangout.

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    Default Fake profiles

    All these women are trying to rip people off, they will talk to you for a few days, then they will start asking for money, they will ask you for iPhone gift cards or ask you to upgrade their phone. Women who always want to talk on Google Hangout. If they leave a phone number on their personal page, call it most of the time, it is the voice of Google. If they ask you to send them a photo of you, don't do it. If they send the photo of them, it's normally someone else. This is a catfish site so beware!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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