Ok what are the odds of this being a scam:

She contacted me.
She is very pretty.
She is teetotal, non smoker, non drugs.
She is into keep fit, healthy diet.
She has removed her profile, so I cant send her
a pseudo contact.
She wants kids.
Shows great interest in me.
Other mans name used in email.
First Russian woman I have contacted.

Not looking good...

However I am not to bothered as am using it as a learning experience and realistically in the scammer / scammee relationship as the scammee I get to be treated real nice until I dont cough up the money. As a result of this I will be better equipped to deal with scammers thanks to a free lesson from my current scammer. She/he may have some incidental communication costs though.
Also if you want a free ego massage these scammers sound pretty good at it.

More importantly am interested in doing some bizness in Russia as I reckon it will be taking off soon, so this is a good way to get an intro into the culture ( or lack of it in this case ).