Dear Admin
I'd like to add some futher precautions in Folder "How to Catch a Scammer"

Many of them are getting better. I was in contact with "Irina Razumova" a known scammer. At the time I didn't have that photo and I was writing to her on another name.

"Her" letters were very, very good, individual and personal. I suspected she was a scammer from the first word - blueye girl - that says a lot... All to frequently a pseudonym is a scammer label. (Why does a real woman want one).

I was using Merry Dating site, it's great, it has letter icons, you see if she's torn up your letter - most women won't trash a letter. I knew she was getting a lot of mail, so I made a move and got her to write only to me. I sent her an external e-mail address. But I could check if she was logging on and cheating. Of course, I could not log-on, but you can get Admin to tell you if they are cheating - then you know.

She then stepped-up the pace and wrote every day. The letters got better, but a bit of affection came in, it was mild but pitched just right to get someone hooked. I laid the bait (would you like to visit me or I visit you) she took it and offered to visit. Further, she said she had a friend in Travel Agency who could find all the costs - (Alarm bell) but she put in a (softener) to catch me off guard (I can send you copy of passport). I got it, and her real name (I've not spent the money to check it out) and then came the money requests - the full Monty. The amounts were accurate except one.

That sealed it. She would never give me the Company name of her friend's Travel Agency.

I then confronted her with the scenario of "scammer people" She took offence to that (the way she responded was to further try to dupe me)

"It is so hard for me to read that you not trust me. I send you the copy of my passport".

"...other woman send copies of passport too and when they get money they don't come to see the man who sent money to them. I can't understand why they do so. I think it is better to have loving man near you then have some money which you will spend so soon that after you will not remember how you spend it" ..."I know I earn not much and probably you will think that I can ask you money because I need money. I want to tell that it hurts me." GOOD LINES.

Dear, is everything ok? Seems you don't want I come to you because you want to find reasons for not sending me money.
I could ask Nastya (Travel Agent) to give me money and she ??????? could help me, but understand me too. I heard that some girls took a lot of money from other people (and men told that they will return these money when girl come to them), but they returned home without money and they needed to give a lot of money to people who gave them money. I don't want to be in such situation. That's why if you will help me with money I'll be sure you are not like other men. PHEW !!! THAT'S GOOD !!!

I never sent any money. Her photos are under two different names.

WATCH OUT FOR WORDS !!! They are just words.