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    Default Dear Valued Investor

    Kames Investment International
    Kames House, 3 Lochside Crescent
    Edinburgh. Lothian EH12 9SA
    Kent, United Kingdom
    Email: info@kamesinvestmentsintl.com
    Phone: +44-203-389-7766

    Dear Valued Investor,
    This is to inform you that our office has received the Draft Clearance Notification (DCN) from Swissquote Bank AG this morning. This bank is our paying bank in Switzerland and Europe in general. The bank contacted us this morning saying that the draft is ready for payment to the Beneficiary investor. They issued us the Investors Online Offshore Checking Account Set-Up code (01GlV7CODE91) which we are to send to (You) the investor with which you are to communicate to the bank to enable them establish this account on your name. This code is to identify that you are an investor with Kames Investment International as the bank does not open an Online Offshore Account for anybody without verifying the customers’ source of fund.

    You are to contact the bank with the information which I have provided you in this email. You are to email them and request for an instruction on how to open an online checking account with the bank. You are to inform them of your request to set up an online banking account with them as a KAMES Investor. Below is the Bank contact detail. Please contact them using the email in the detail below.

    Swissquote Bank AG
    Schützengasse 22-24
    8001 Zurich, Switzerland
    Email: info@swissquoteonline.com

    Contact Person: Michel Plug
    (International Correspondence Department)

    You are to contact the bank through the email address below providing them the Account Set-Up Code. You are to send this requirement to the bank for their verification and also request that they should inform you of the steps and requirements to open an account with their bank.

    The Bank Contact email again is: info@swissquoteonline.com

    The payment and release of your fund will have to be under the KAMES Investment payment policy. Under this policy, the Investor (you) are required to open a checking account with our paying bank where your money is to be released from. The moment the investor opens this checking account, you are to provide the account information to KAMES Investment International. KAMES Investment will then transfer the money released from your KAMES Draft Deposit Account to the account where your draft was cleared to your Personal Checking Account that you will open with the bank. Once this money is deposited into your new account, it is now left for you to decide if to handle the transfer of the money to your personal account in your country or to operate the account as an offshore account with the bank. Operating an offshore account with the bank will mean that you meet up with the banks required banking criteria. Please notify us the moment you have contacted the bank.

    We also regret to inform you that we have appointed a new fund manager for you. His name is Mr. John Beltis, He will contact you to establish communication with you for proper introduction as your new fund manager when ever your Fund manager has left us to meet you in United States as he earlier said. He will take over from your present fund manager the moment he resigns as he has informed the company. This change of Fund manager became necessary when we received the confirmation from our Admin Department that your Fund Manager will be terminating his work with us on/before Friday 28th of December 2018 depending on the calendar schedule for this week. Thank You.

    Yours in service
    Kirstie MacGillivray
    Consultant Relations BII
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Investment Scam: Thanks and looking forward to your prompt reply

    Good day,

    It is my pleasure to contact you through this medium to relate this great opportunity to you.

    My name is Mr Keo Heng Prak, Investment Manager in my institution. I have an immense business discussion I wish to put up to you, which will be of great benefit to both of us if carefully and intelligently handled.

    I am writing to seek your consent and permission to present/submit your information to our bank as one of our bank’s foreign investors yet to receive his annual dividend payment.

    Note upon your acceptance to partner with me to handle this deal, all Legal and official papers to back-up the claim will be made available to date.

    Be advised, Due to high rate by-which news and information flies through the internet, as a confidential business operation, I won't be able to disclose the full details of this great opportunity through this first message until I confirm your interest and willingness to work with me.

    Please If you are ready and willing to partner with me in the handling of this great business, please kindly respond immediately by sending your full details, mobile number and a valid means of identity.

    Thanks and looking forward to your prompt reply.


    Mr Keo Heng Prak


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    Subject: Thanks and looking forward to your prompt reply.
    To: Recipients <ddtec@atlas.dp.ua>
    From: "tester" <ddtec@atlas.dp.ua>
    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 04:31:39 -0800
    Reply-To: mmrkeohengprak@gmail.com
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    Return-Path: <ddtec@atlas.dp.ua>

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    Default Investment Scam: Investing bond

    I will like to use the liberty of this medium to inform you that my principal is interested in investing his bond/funds as a silent business partner in your company. He would like to invest in private sector projects with an established company in any project(s) which are already in the market and have market value or new company requiring the injection of huge funds.
    I shall give you details when you reply.
    Richard Sun.


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    Reply-To: <richad.tang@yahoo.com.hk>
    From: "Richard Sun"<ernser@brennakirlin.ml>
    Subject: Investing bond
    Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 00:13:48 -0800
    Message-ID: <39304DA07E5E4C0FAA12E323BED7AC14.MAI@home>
    Return-Path: <ernser@brennakirlin.ml>

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    Default Investment Scam: Urgent message - important information about your investments!

    Dear Sir,

    In the light of economy digitization, I propose you to invest in a unique innovative blockchain platform of economy of tomorrow. Now we are going to arrange a preliminary round with a high bonus for early investors. Investment in advanced technologies is a risky but very profitable thing. Blockchain projects increases by a factor of 5 to 10 annually, so you can cover your investments very quickly. It is my understanding that you and your company (I found you through male-scammers.com) must be interested. The project of digital economy platform must become a foundation for global economy. When you are ready to invest into new technologies, please, let me know, and I will provide you with the detailed information about the project and the participation instruction. I kindly ask you to inform all concerned persons and those who will make the decision.

    Yours faithfully,

    Marketing Department Manager

    Steve Johnson.

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    Default Investment Scam: Investment

    I am John boating and I got your contact from a business directory. After due considerations, I decided to contact you for discussion.

    Due to the political and economic down turn in my country which led to the arrest and imprisonment of my boss, I am forced to seek for a foreign business

    partner who can assist me release some funds held in our company offshore bank account in United Arab Emirate and Malaysia.You will be required to:

    1. Receive the Investment funds in your name as the beneficiary
    from our company offshore bank account in london.
    2. Place this huge funds into profitable investment ventures in your country.
    3. Seek investment ventures with an annual Return On Investment
    (ROI) of between 5% to 10%.
    4. Invest and manage the said funds for a minimum of five (5) years.

    Absolute confidentiality and professionalism is required in the handling of these transaction and subsequent investments.

    Please contact me as soon as possible only through this email
    with the following details(johnboatinginv@gmail.com)

    Full Name:
    Full Address:
    Tel/cell numbers:

    I look forward to your swift response after which more details
    would be communicated to you.

    Sincerely Yours.

    John Boating

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    Default Greetings from Lorraine

    Sent: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 4:59 AM
    To: Recipients
    Subject: Greetings from Lorraine,

    My name is Lorraine Wirangee; I am 24 years old female from Romania. I seek for your assistance to be my partner and adviser for an investment
    in your country, money that I inherited from my late mother

    I wish to relocate to your country and I will give you more details after I hear from you.

    I await your urgent reply and May God bless you.

    Lorraine Wirangee

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    Default Mrs.Maria

    Ich bin Frau Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler, eine deutsche Geschäftsmagnatin,Investorin und Philanthropin. Ich bin der Vorsitzende von Wipro Limited. Ichhabe 25% meines persönlichen Vermögens für wohltätige Zwecke ausgegeben. Undich habe auch versprochen, den Rest von 10% in diesem Jahr 2021 anEinzelpersonen zu verschenken. Ich habe beschlossen, Ihnen 2.800.000,00 Euro zuspenden. Wenn Sie an meiner Spende interessiert sind, kontaktieren Sie mich fürweitere Informationen.
    Sie können auch mehr über mich über den unten stehenden Link lesen
    Managing Director Wipro Limited
    Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler


    Received: from k-mkt.info ([]); Mon, 22 Feb 2021 11:26:05 -0700
    Reply-To: mssmariaes@gmail.com
    From: mim <sales@k-mkt.info>
    Subject: Mrs.Maria
    Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 02:25:38 +0800
    Disposition-Notification-To: mssmariaes@gmail.com
    Return-Path: <sales@k-mkt.info>

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    Default Hello reply asap

    Hello Dear,
    This email is strictly soliciting for your interest in partnering with me for a huge investment of sixty million dollars in your country.
    If you are interested kindly respond with an urgent reply to this email. You will be contacted shortly with further details after I have received your response.

    Best Regards,

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    Default Thank you for your e-mail

    From: Mr. Michael Smith [mailtoreummfaa@hotmail.com]


    I got your reliable contact from your country Chamber of Commerce Directory and further explicit investment information about your country. I am Mr. Michael Smith, A Fund Manager from the Fidelity Investment International UK. I am contacting you based on my personal interest to develop a mutual business relationship with you in your country. The amount and terms of executing the deal will be made known to you upon receiving a positive response from you. I solicit for your assistance to execute this transaction. I will give you a complete picture of this transaction as soon as I hear from you. Please note that I will handle the expenses that may occur in this deal.

    Kind regards,
    Mr. Michael

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    Default Schaeffler

    From: Mrs.Elisabeth [mailto:info@mariaelisabethschaeffler.email]

    Haben Sie eine Leidenschaft fьr humanitдre Spende? Kцnnen Sie Ihre Zeit investieren und Ihr Mцglichstes tun, um ein humanitдres Wohltдtigkeitsprojekt im Wert von 2,8 Millionen Euro durchzufьhren, das ich gesponsert habe? mit einem Anreiz / einer Belohnung fьr Ihre Zeit und Mьhe. Kontaktieren Sie mich ьber meine persцnliche E-Mail

    Sie kцnnen auch mehr ьber mich ьber den unten stehenden Link lesen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria-...eth_Schaeffler

    Schцne GrьЯe
    Geschдftsfьhrer Wipro Limited
    Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler

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    Default My dear Friend

    From: Ingrid Herbert <ingrid_habert@yahoo.com>

    How are you today my dear, my name is Ingrid Herbert, I am 54 years old Swedish woman. I am currently admitted in the hospital for a treatment of a brain tumor which I have been suffering for 8 years now. As a matter of fact I am contacting you because I want to make a humanitarian gesture to the location of all sensitive souls. My late husband and I had mobilized a small fortune which I want to invest in humanitarian works. But considering my health condition now, I can no longer fulfill this project by myself.

    I want you to complete this project on my behalf in good faith. I am contacting you after my few days prayers with believe that you are God's chosen one to accomplish this project in good faith for the help of orphan and widows.

    For a favorable opinion, please contact me at this email (ingrid_habert@yahoo.com) for more information.

    Thanks and God bless you.
    Madam Ingrid Herbert
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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