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    Dear Sir/Madam,


    I wish to use this medium to solicit your support as a foreign partner, to assist my client and I. Presently, I work for a UK based consulting firm in my capacity as the Operations and Business Development Manager and has been on this job for 10 years now. I am on Commission Agreement with this company which is not suitable for my living as far as global recess is concern; I have given my company many customers across the globe, but got nothing to show for it in return for my hard work and dedication.

    Recently however, an opportunity came to me through a client who is a retired bank director from the Central Bank of Republic Du Benin-Cotonou .He is an old man of 80 years and has given me the mandate to invest the sum of ($15Millon) Only on the condition that I can manage this fund in a viable venture for his grandchildren. But I have decided to put you as my boss in my company that we can manage this fund for him he trust me. He has signed an agreement for me that this fund will be in our possession for 10 years investing the fund in any sector of economy and we have our own percentage too.

    I want to do this without the knowledge of the firm in London, and I have also submitted a letter of resignation to my company, because if I bring this opportunity to them again they will not compensate me. What I need from you is that I will use your name as my boss so that this man can release this fund to both of us, He only want to see your name as a foreigner. This does not require any Experience from you I will do everything in the transfer of the fund and all documentation with the assistance of the lawyer so that everything will be legal.

    PLEASE YOU SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THIS MESSAGE. I DON’T ASK YOU FOR MONEY OR SEND MONEY TO ME. I am only to clarify this for you to understand the genuity of this partnership, and nothing will be done until the both of us meet PHYSICALLY I will details you the meeting place and position of this fund, Once I receive reply from you I will fly from united kingdom to meet the Old man so that we can conclude things with him .

    If you are intrested send this information as below:

    Your full name------------------------
    Your direct Mobile Number----------------
    Your Address-------------------
    Your Identification papers------------------
    Your Age/Gender----------------------------


    George Adams


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    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR INVESTMENT (United States, Asia, Europe, Australia)

    Investment in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia.

    I am a UK based financial consultant, and I got your contact from the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry. A client of mine from Jordan in the Middle East seeks for a foreign partner, specifically from the United States, who has the capability and capacity to handle a vast investment of US$125,500,000.00 (One Hundred and Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars). His interest is mainly in the following sectors:

    1. Commercial Real Estate
    2. Oil and Gas
    3. Production
    4. Renewable energy/ Health sector
    5. Education
    6. Construction
    7. Hotel and leisure activities
    8. Mining, and Transportation.
    9. Health Sector

    My client wants guaranteed 5% Annual Return on Investmemt (AROI), and he wants these funds held and invested in the United States for a period of at least 10 years, he is also willing to offer you a one time fee of 10% of the total funds for your assistance and participation in this project. These funds are already deposited in a bank in Europe for subsequent transfer to the United States. More details shall me communicated to you if you indicate your interest in a return email.


    Yours faithfully,
    Mr. Andrea Van
    Director Business Relations Unit,


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    From: "Mr. Andrea Van"<webuser@andgolf.jp>
    Subject: GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR INVESTMENT (United States, Asia, Europe, Australia.)
    Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 13:30:36 -0700
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    Default Investment: News about your late relative

    This is Laura from Sam Cosentino law Office here in Ontario Canada. I am writing you on the instruction Attorney Sam Cosentino, the principal partner of Sam Cosentino Law. There is an Unclaimed “Payable-on-Death” (“POD”) Investment Deposit” made your late relative who is also our client; with a monetary deposit of, Thirteen Million, Three Hundred Thousand ($13,300,000) .

    I was asked to contact you via email to let him know how best he can reach you for more detail discussion on the possible release of the POD. Michael died in August 2010 while on a business trip and The Investment company code stipulates that “Unclaimed Payable-on-Death, must be turned over to the abandoned property division of the state after 10 years if it remains unclaimed. This is what he wants to avoid since all the documents for the deposit are with him.

    Send me your direct private email address with full name to enable Sam contact you with more information and follow-up on this.

    Laura Edwards

    For Sam Cosnetino Law


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    From: "Laura Edwards" <samcosnetinolaw@protonmail.com>
    Subject: News about your late relative
    Date: 07 Sep 2020 08:08:42 +0200
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    Default Investment: I need your help to invest my money

    Executive Director
    Crystal Manufacturing Company Ltd.
    Damascus ( Syria)

    Assalaamualaikum !
    Dear, how are you ?

    I am Al-Mohamed U.A, the Director of Crystal Manufacturing Company Ltd Damascus (Syria)
    I am writing to you based on prevailing information for you, to solicit your assistance in helping to receive some amount of money in your country, I made this money through my own sweat, this money is my own personal money. The reason why I want to send this money out of this country is because of war now in my country Syria. Formally the money was in a citizen bank in Damascus.
    But during the war i managed to move the money from the bank to a security company close to border in UK and up till now things have not normalized and no business as we are resentfully returning back to our country and connote leave comfortable again in this country. Now i have decided to send the money into your care in your country for investment. The total amount is

    US$15.3 millions dollars.

    I have finalized the whole necessary arrangement on how to send this money out of this country to your country through a diplomatic means by a courier service company, if you are interested to do business with me then get back to me and i will give you further details and modalities and we will discuss terms of the investment.

    Please, don't contact me through fax because we are no more in the factory. We are still running for our lives, nothing like business in my country for now, you can only contact me through email :


    or with this telephone number, cos since the war me and my family have relocate to London for safety.
    Yours truly,
    Al-Mohamed U.A
    Director Crystal manufacturing Company Ltd Damascus (Syria)


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    Default Investment Scam: Investment in your country


    I am sorry if my proposal is offensive to your person, but, I've good intention and motive to re establish in your country, I DON'T NEED ANY MONEY FROM YOU. Please, kindly read my message below and tell me YES or NO

    Thanks, for your prompt response, I rely to stability of your comments by moving ahead with the investment project in your country.

    My main reason relocate to your country was general decision taken to re-establish what we lost in Benghazi - Libya. I'll be very happy to enter into a partnership with you in the investment project in your country.
    I'll need your full co-operation in moving some fund from here to your country for investments mainly in Real Estates and Hotels or any other lucrative venture. I'll also need coordinates in figures to work with you, so that upon my arrival in your country for the project we can successfully achieve our goal.
    We agreed to make you our foreign representative and as soon as the lands site has been paid for in your country then we will have to go into memorandum of understanding that will last for 20 years if possible.
    Private view, Please, while I receive a reply from you, kindly tell us what exactly do you do for a living?. Do you've any experience in business transaction both international?, Your credential value, full name, Address and telephone / mobile number. I'll have a private discussion with my partner about you, thereafter, we shall have conference telephone calls with you.
    Meanwhile, I'll forward more details relating to the investment project within 72hrs. I wait your urgent response on this matter.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Mr. David Bangura,

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    Default Investment Scam: Greetings

    Top of the day greetings to you...i hope this message meets you in good health.

    Do you know there's an online investment (bitcoin) process that guarantees you a profit margin of 24000 United States Dollars weekly depending on what you invest.

    My name is Mr Steve Williams I guide interested individuals through this process of investment and guaranteed withdrawal to any bank accounts wherever in the world.

    For more info Contact via Email : goldmininginvestment1@gmail.com

    Whatapp : +19179856538

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    Default Investment Scam: Thanks and looking forward to your prompt reply

    Good day,

    It is my pleasure to contact you through this medium to relate this great opportunity to you.

    My name is Mr Keo Heng Prak, Investment Manager in my institution. I have an immense business discussion I wish to put up to you, which will be of great benefit to both of us if carefully and intelligently handled.

    I am writing to seek your consent and permission to present/submit your information to our bank as one of our bank’s foreign investors yet to receive his annual dividend payment.

    Note upon your acceptance to partner with me to handle this deal, all Legal and official papers to back-up the claim will be made available to date.

    Be advised, Due to high rate by-which news and information flies through the internet, as a confidential business operation, I won't be able to disclose the full details of this great opportunity through this first message until I confirm your interest and willingness to work with me.

    Please If you are ready and willing to partner with me in the handling of this great business, please kindly respond immediately by sending your full details, mobile number and a valid means of identity.

    Thanks and looking forward to your prompt reply.


    Mr Keo Heng Prak


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    Default Investment Scam: Investing bond

    I will like to use the liberty of this medium to inform you that my principal is interested in investing his bond/funds as a silent business partner in your company. He would like to invest in private sector projects with an established company in any project(s) which are already in the market and have market value or new company requiring the injection of huge funds.
    I shall give you details when you reply.
    Richard Sun.


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    From: "Richard Sun"<ernser@brennakirlin.ml>
    Subject: Investing bond
    Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 00:13:48 -0800
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    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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