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    unhealedheart Guest

    Default found on absolute

    The lady i am emailing named Natasha Barbat is also ( i just found ) on the dating site, Absolute Agency. Her id# is A5130400. When we started emailing letters, she was from a different dating site. Is this a coincident or is she a scammer? Any info on how to check her out for free ( since i'd been scammed before a couple yrs. ago ) I would gladly appreciate. I know that Absolute Agency is a " honey pot " for scammers. So I want to check her out before going any farther. How long should i wait to tell her I saw her profile on Absolute? Also have checked with most Russian scam sites and have'nt seen her or her name.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Raibeart Guest


    While Absolute is a "honey pot" for scammers, it also has a lot of women that are not. It is not uncommon for ladies to be listed with multiple agencies. If you have not seen the warning signs of asking for money, then you can probably continue without issues.

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    unhealedheart Guest


    Thanks for the advice. I was scammed on Absolute 2 yrs ago for about $750 and when I saw this lady on there too, I was concerned again. Don't want to make expensive mistake again. If anyone has heard of this lady..please let me know. I have'nt seen her on any scam sites yet. thx.

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    [8D]Unhealed heart, I may appear to be the harbinger of doom but I have had some negative experiences.
    Have you trued doing a "Google search" on this girl.
    I found the Google serach engine to be one of the best.
    I "googled" on eof the girls I wrote to.
    Try this entry in the search field "Natasha Barbat bride" and see what returns you get.
    Then try this entry with her first name, age and height if you have it e.g " Natasha 24 173cm" and see what returns you get.
    With this second effort using first name, age and height I was quite successful in pin pointing which other marriage agecnies my girl was with..it was a bit of info to sift through but in less than an hour I had determined my girl had listed with 6 other marriage agency sites which were all affiliated with the WDN network and Angelika net.
    You can then compare profiles and pictures on different sites if your girl is listed to see if they match..if something does not match such as a clearly different picture under her name or ages are different or a kid disappears or appears in another profile, then start asking questions such as "is she telling the truth here to me"
    Scammers will list on multiple sites and sometimes they screw up there profile info and cant get there facts consistent. An honest girl should have consistent facts about herself listed across any other agencies shes registered with.
    Also try in google search field " Natasha 24 scammer" and see what returns you get and other variants on the search you can think off!
    Search engines can be really useful as a starting point to identify a scammer.!

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    unhealedheart Guest


    Hey aussieman, thanks for the info. The more investigating I do the better i'll feel. Hope nothing comes up. Thx again

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    Raibeart Guest


    First the main thing for you to understand up front is that she cannot come here. Our immigration laws just plain do not allow it because it is 99.9% against her to get a tourist visa.

    Second, you will ahve to go to Russia, which I recommend, or some other country to meet her in person. You cannot get a K-1 (fiance) visa without meeting her.

    Third, NEVER send money until after you have met and know each other better.

    Fourth, ask questions of the men on the forum. But also remember, that some of them have their own adjenda. They want to discredit all women from there. Personally, I have had poor to great experiences. And, I am currently engaged to the most wonderful lady I have ever met anywhere. I have been scammed, but learned from the experience. And am not bitter about any of my experiences.

    Fifth, use your head, do research, know the immigration process for what ever country you are living in. By doing this, you go into the process knowing the rules you have to play under.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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