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    Default Divorced men and young never married FSU girls

    [8D]I think a topic needs to be started about being involved with a young FSU girl that has never been married (be it from Russia, Ukraine or other countries) if you are a divorced man.
    I think extreme caution needs to be exercised in such a situation.
    Learning the hard way age difference does matter!
    A young girl under 30 years who has never been married has no concept of marriage or concept of divorced men and there problems and issues (yes..all divorced men have some kind of psychological scarring and issues from there divorce which are life long ).
    Such a relationship is doomed to fail..don't start one.
    I now think age difference should be no more than 5 to 10 years maximum, the women should have been previously married if you as the man have been previously married and divorced...this combination has the best chance of working.
    Don't believe this marriage agency crap that 25 year old girls from FSU would seriously want to marry a 40 to 50 year old man.
    Avoid such profiles on marriage agency sites where a young girl wants to marry anything older than 10 years its senior..definitely stay away from young 20 year pluses that want to marry 50 year old men.
    The 30 years plus class of FSU women who have been previosly married and divorced offer the best chance for older divorced men.
    Young girls are for young men!
    Be realistic here! Dont waste your time with young girls if you ar an old man!

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Mr. Lory99 A short note to inform you that I live in Dallas, Texas not Oregon. Yes, I am a Prosecutor and I do not know FlytoRussia or do I know Comimgtou. I have read some of your posts and disagree with you. I see many members here have shared quotes in this forum to include you but regardless Please do not include me in any of your games. you give this forum a black eye. [B)]

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    Hi !

    What do you think about vice versa ???
    I know several couples, the age difference is 10--25 years, and the woman is older !!!!!!
    So I think that the age difference is not so important.
    There are others much more important matters.......


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    I am a man of 56 years.
    I lived in St.Pete for 7 months. I lived in a student house because I studied also in the Uni in a special business course. I had during my stay many girlfriends from the student house. Their age about 20 --25. We had a lot of fun and parties together. Went to movies and clubs etc. I never felt that we had that big age difference ! Girls were very nice and open ! We are still good friends. Some girls were certainly ready for a more serious relationship !
    I am sure that big age difference can be a problem in correspondence but in real meetings it can be different !

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    quote:Originally posted by Jama

    Hey mate,I know many of us "oldies" and you are only as old as you feel,who have married and are still happily married.One of my friends here is 74 and is married to a lovely young asian girl.They could'nt be happier.Janet is 30 and we have some great discussions about this very topic.She says that age is not a factor.Some young women do want and love older men.They have been married for 15 years and even on the street they hold hands.They are really patient and understanding of each others feelings and needs.When it comes to sex,they enjoy it immensely and with the advent of viagra her husband can do most things and she would'nt have it any other way.

    My mate in Wollongong(NSW)has a wife 20 years his junior and they lead happy and fulfilling lives.

    I hear what you are saying but young women are far more experienced these days and know what they want from life including what to expect of their older partners.That is not to say older men don't have expectations as well from their younger partners.Older men,I would say appeal to alot of women for many reasons and I guess the first is stability.They are more experienced in sex and are more likely to be more considerate in each others feeling, because we've been there and recognize some very obvious pitfalls.

    Older women can be just as treacherous and can spot an asset a mile away.If one enters into a relationship with a younger woman at least we have time to guide them.It is here where she decides what her partners expectations are and can adjust accordingly.I think an older woman would be too set in her ways to make that adjustment.

    I don't know much about young men and their feelings but if you look at statistics I would bet the higher rate of divorces would be in the younger age group.Ok,I'm 54 and divorced since 1996 through no fault of my partner.I really could'nt give a toss how old the lady is as long there is some compatibility.Granted,we have to be careful
    and your experiences about all this is great.You should change your handle to Aussiepathfinder mate.Cheers!

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    Age difference is a big factor...I would never accept a women who was 15 years or more younger than me..its too good to be true.
    When we talking about 40 plus year old men and girls in there early twenties from the former CIS countries, I don't think its wise or practical to conduct this sort of relationship.
    I am no longer active in my search for a ex-Soviet country internet bride.. I quit last December after being involved with too many scammers and being taken for a small amount of money.
    I was lucky, in January I meet a local Australian girl on ICQ chat and now we just got engaged..she is 12 years younger than me and is large in body but I am overweight to with a beer belly and by meeting and accepting her I was being realistic to my situation.
    A women is a women and physical attraction does matter in a relationship..it does not matter what part of the world she is from..no genuine women is going to accept anything that comes along..there are plenty of good looking men in Russia and contrary to what marriage agencies tell you, they are not all alcoholics and dead beats..actually men in Moscow and St. Petersburg have become quite wealthy nowdays especially those in business..she will choose one of those over a western guy.
    Russia and the CIS countries are not so bad now and economic conditions are improving and people are making more money..make no mistake, these gilrs love there countries and are very patriotic towards them and there families.
    An overweight Western male in his forties is not going to be accepted by some slim, Russian internet bride "model" in her early twenties..this is the reality.
    My advice is to take a good look at yourself and your appearance and your financial situatuion and apply the measure "would a local girl want to get involved with me who is this beautiful" before getting involved with internet brides from any of the CIS countries.
    Just be realistic.
    I was unrealistic when I was doing this internet bride search and got involved with ladies from Russia and Ukraine who were way out of my league and got burnt for being stupid and unrealistic!
    1. Be realistic about your appearance and whom you might attract..an ugly fat man will not attract a slim skinny model!
    2. Check out your financial situation..you need a lot of money to do this and to support her..I dont think this is for men on an average income...in Australia don't consider unless you are earning $50,000 or more a year( taxes and cost of living is high in Australia and this is why you need this much )
    3. Be realistic about age difference..absolute maximum of 15 years and 5 to 10 years is an ideal range between you and the go..a 23 year old girl will have nothing in common with a 45 year old man..forget it..it sdoes not work and you are setting yourself up for a disaster.
    Male 30 to 40 years of age..a 25 to 35 year old woman
    Male 40 to 50 years of age..a 35 to 45 year old women
    Male 50 to 60 years of age..forget about it, you are over the hill and ready for a retirement home..find a local old girl or go to parents without partners dances and meet an old lady.
    As a man you need to be the same height as the women but preferably 5 or more centimetres taller...you cant have it off with a 6 foot CIS girl if youa re only 5 feet 6 inches..it does not work..these girls are like all other girls world wide..they prefer there men taller than them.
    If you are a fat man, go find a fat women because a slim women will never be attracted to you and the relationship will never work..just because they are from Russia, they are just as choosy about who they go with as Western women..there has to be sexual attraction for a relationship to work out..remeber there are plenty of good men still to be had in Russia for these ladies.
    Remember be realistic and wise and watch out for the scammers and good luck.

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    friendly_aussie_man Guest


    On the subject of scams and scammers, possibly a small minority of CIS country ( meaning Russia and its former states, now independent countries) women have ruined it for men in Australia.
    Unfortunately the media has focused intensely on Russian women bride scams here and now society here in general has a negative view of these girls..all the people I have meet have been very negative about Russian internet brides because of the negative publicity of scams here..everyone knows about it.
    It just makes the process that much more difficult and contrary to the friendly Australian nature, people here think it is a good thing that CIS girls stay in there own countries and not immigrate here..there is that social stigma here that these girls are economic refugees who came here for nothing more than a better life and not for the man.
    It is sad for Australia because that makes us look like a nation of racists and bigots but it has been caused very much by media scaremongering over a few scammers.
    Numbers are going up though..in 2001/2002 approximatley 200 CIS women were accepted into this country on a Fiance visa and in 2003 it went up to about 450 but bear in mind the Australian Embassy in Moscow rejects up to 85% of applications ( my Fiancees cousin works in immigration and its an internal figure ).
    You must be very thorough in your paperwork and do all the correct procedures to get a ex-Soviet country girl into Australia and it takes 7 to 12 months on average to cut the papers for her so be prepared to make a long committment..pre-planning in all the necessary paperwork and documentation is very important..get all the paperwork together before applying for a visa to avoid long delays.
    Organisation and significant money are the key to suceeding in getting a visa and undeniable proof of a genuine relationship existing.
    They will reject her for the slightest reason they can find.
    For example the famous Serbian singer Svetlana Ceca Riznakova ( Serbia's answer to Britney Spears and very popular there and can fill a stadium full of 100,000 people for a concert ) was rejected this week for entry on an Entertainment Visa to perform concerts in Sydney and Melbourne for the large Serbian communities )..she was formally married to a Yugoslav war criminal ( now dead I beleive )..the Australian embassy in Belgrade refused her application for a visa apparently on the grounds she was married to in the past with a person of bad character.
    They will find any reason to reject your lady..be very thorough in your application and make sure she is healthy with no diseases or disabilites before applying otherwise she will be denied entry on health grounds and make sure she has a clear police record ( crimes such as theft, fraud, prostitution, deception, violence ) will stop her ever getting a visa.
    Do your research and be thorough in everything and dont be too trusting to start with and be realistic in your expectations for a women!

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    Gosh, Aussieman, Canada is so much friendlier to the newcomers, judging from your description! Spousal applications are hardly ever rejected, and those rare ones which are rejected, are accepted when they appeal, so we probably have something like 99% acceptance rate. Also, medical factor is not an issue any more. Even if your spouse is seriously ill, it is not an obstacle for immigration under the new regulations (that last one I personally find very fair - it is the person's choice whom to marry, not the government's...)

    May I throw another question here - what are everybody's ideas about the union of a young (20-30) divorced woman and an older (30-40) man who has never been married?

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    friendly_aussie_man Guest


    Medical condition of your foreign bride is a big thing with Australian immigration.
    She will be assessed for health and disabilites to see "if she is a significant cost or likely to become a significant cost on the Australian health care system and public purse" and if immigration feel that health wise she is too expensive to keep, they will reject her visa, whether it be a fiancee or a spouse..appeals are very expensive and time consuming and require the services of a good immigration lawyer for it to have any chance.
    The rule is for Australia, she must be 100% healthy and have a clean police record if she is to have any chance of migrating here as a fiancee or spouse.
    Fiancee Visas may become a thing of the past for Australia ( this visa is in review, my fiancees cousin works at immi dept. and this is the inside gossip ) and it just might go the way of New Zealand, which does not have a Fiancee Visa, only a spousal visa..I think the Government here is becoming sick of the scamming and lies and abuse of the fiancee visa and its becoming too much of a cost and nuisance to the authorities.
    It looks like things are going to get a whole lot harder for foreign brides to come to the land of Oz..too many bloody rules and regulations now..the Government here does tell you who you can marry with these girls.
    Oh by the way, Canada rejected a recent application by the famous Serbian singer Svetlana Ceca Riznakova otherwise known as "Ceca" to perform in that country too altough they are calling her in for an interview and just might reconsider so Canada can be hard cases too..Svetas done nothing wrong other than being formally married to "Arkin the butcher", a Yugoslav war criminal from the Serb Bosnian war of the 90s who was asasinated a few years ago...it seems Western countries do not want to know her..I think its very much like a thing with old Nazi criminals and the US..we don't want you here because of your past associations!
    Its not easy to bring a froeign bride to any Western country and since 911 things have gotten tougher everywhere.
    Think the foreign bride thing through before you commit to it..don't waste the gilrs time and your time like I did because I was not being realistic and sensible!

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    Yes, right, but the singer's visitor application is a totally different story. We reject as many visitors as Americans do, but legal immigrants are the oxygen this country breathes. If we do not have immigrants and do not meet the annual immigration objectives, which were 300.000 newcomers for 2003, for example, we are going to ail in the future, so.

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    friendly_aussie_man Guest


    Canada is very much like Australia in terms of population..small population of 26 million occuppying a big piece of land much like Australia's population of 20 million.
    Yes insider, immigration of the legal sort is needed to prevent our countries from ailing.
    One of the biggest issues facing Australia is a skills shortage in the labour market in many areas..we have a serious lack of doctors, nurses, teachers and other specialist occupations and we have to increasingly inmport our labour through migration, mainly from Asian countries..I think we import too many Asians..Im not sounding bigoted but I think for such things as teachers and doctors, the ex-Soviet girls have a higher and better quality of education.
    I think fiancees with skills such as doctor, teacher, engineer ( which there are many in Russia etc. and these girls can't find work in there occupations and have to work much lower paid occupations {I would not do it..work in something I consider menial and below me..the idea that you have to accept any work is crap and no one in Australia will pin a medal on you for doing it }..these young CIS girls with these high skills need to be encouraged for migration to Australia and all the red tape and bureaucratic B.S cut because this country of Australia has an ageing population and is in dire straits with a skills shortage and importing Asians is not the answer because I think they are lower educated than the CIS girls.
    There are many Aussie blokes that want to marry a foreign bride but the immigration rules, red tape and expense especially since 911 have made it too hard and I think if you lined up a CIS women and an Asian woman, men here would now choose the Russian girls instead..they are becoming more popular but we have to get rid of all this immigration bull sh*t and red tape..we should be free to marry who we want without governments interfering!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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