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    Default Divorced men and young never married FSU girls

    [8D]I think a topic needs to be started about being involved with a young FSU girl that has never been married (be it from Russia, Ukraine or other countries) if you are a divorced man.
    I think extreme caution needs to be exercised in such a situation.
    Learning the hard way age difference does matter!
    A young girl under 30 years who has never been married has no concept of marriage or concept of divorced men and there problems and issues (yes..all divorced men have some kind of psychological scarring and issues from there divorce which are life long ).
    Such a relationship is doomed to fail..don't start one.
    I now think age difference should be no more than 5 to 10 years maximum, the women should have been previously married if you as the man have been previously married and divorced...this combination has the best chance of working.
    Don't believe this marriage agency crap that 25 year old girls from FSU would seriously want to marry a 40 to 50 year old man.
    Avoid such profiles on marriage agency sites where a young girl wants to marry anything older than 10 years its senior..definitely stay away from young 20 year pluses that want to marry 50 year old men.
    The 30 years plus class of FSU women who have been previosly married and divorced offer the best chance for older divorced men.
    Young girls are for young men!
    Be realistic here! Dont waste your time with young girls if you ar an old man!

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Message to all those men suffering of "small man sindrome" and other related inferiority complexes!!

    When I started writing to women from other countries I automatically disqualified those that were to young or to beautiful as potential scammers.

    I am 37 years old and thought that, like in my country, suitable women would be between 30 and 39 years old, but amazinly the age group also had the same problems I had with the locals- they had children (which will always cause more stress on a relationship if they are not your own) and/or they were previously married with all the emotional baggage that goes with it.

    After writing a lot of "I like you please write back" notes and getting some response I was left with two girls to choose of. One being 25 years old, with a great body and some semi-naked photos to prove it, that I decided was to good to be true, but was amusing enough to keep writing to for obvious reasons and the other being 28 years old and pleasing enough but also average enough so that I was sure that she would be "real".

    Being the honest gentelman that I am, I decided to say good bye to the younger one as I was sure that it would only be a matter of time before she started asking for money and developed my relationship further with the other. If I said the 25year old did not take it well it would be an understatement, and that made me realize that she was real as well, but the fact that I had chosen someone else spoiled our relationship and there was no return.

    Like I said the age difference of nine years would already be streching it by our standards, but we got along very well and the question of age never was mentioned or mattered. When I went to visit her I saw with my own eyes more beautiful women in one day than I could have imagined, and yes most of them was not married, and clearly interested to see a male in good physical shape, even as old as me.

    I felt as if I could kick myself for not believing some of the personal ads, for the obvious reason that they were to beautiful. It was with some relief, I realized, when things did not work out as I planned between me and the woman I went to visit, for it would allow me to get another chance, this time better informed.

    Why should I be satisfied with an average woman when there are beautiful ones that were clearly interested? Cellulite, screaming children, emotional hang-ups and baggy eyes were never a turn-on for me, but we were brought up to believe that it would be our only choice, and that no self respecting, beautiful, young woman will be interested in us as a person, and there would always be a hidden agenda.

    Well I have news for you - Russian women are genuinely looking for husbands and if you think that your age, your country, your house or your bank account will be the deciding factor, you are wrong.

    Common sense tells us that there will be criminals and fortune hunters, just like in any other country, and that is true. There will always be risks in such situations and I count myself as lucky to not have been successfully scammed, but fortunately the big head took most of the decisions.

    Comming back to the age question. When a man says that he is not attracted by young beautiful firm bodies he is simply lying, and there is nothing unnatural or sick about it. Sure personality matters, intellegence matters, compatibility matters, but I will start worrying about that when I reach the age when I can not get it up. For the meantime I will enjoy an attractive woman without cellulite and do what mutually attracted people does best.

    If you don't feel comfortable with a young, sexy woman get an old one they are easier to get. If you feel that you are not attractive enough, find someone that suits you. If you feel that you are to short, get a pair of high heeled boots!!! If you feel that you will not be able to hold on to your woman, remember there are plenty more where she came from.

    In one of the books I have read something that turned out to be the truth regarding the internet dating scene - "You will find exactly what you are looking for"

    Your young 37 year old friend


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    Prosecutor said :The kind of man who would chase or try to pursue a lady 20-25 years younger is nothing but a sick individual.. an outcast from society a man with a weak mind who wants to show his strength and superiority.

    So that includes Michael Douglass?? 27 years older than his wife

    marv ruddell

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    I think that what prosecutor wrote is bull****.When I was 40, I had two english g/f's of 19, and later got enagaged to a 25 yr old. Now I'm older,I just accept girls of this age are no longer interested.

    I just don't think women of my age are very interesting or attractive, but I'm hoping to be proved wrong one day.


    Non veritas verba amanda
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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