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    Default regarding legit women from FSU..

    One last posting for now..
    Could someone tell me what legit women
    are willing to spend on e-mail and/or
    translation services? is it significant?
    Do most go through agencies or not necessarily?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    [8D]The legit women ( if you are lucky enough to find such an FSU girl ) are poor. Most will go to an internet cafe in Moscow, Kiev or wherever at most only once a week. Many go only once a month or even less.
    Because they do not frequenly check there e-mail on there free e-mail accounts ( these are mail.ru, yandex.ru, ukr.net, hotmail.ru to name a few of many ) there accounts expire after 30 days if not logged into and checked and you loose contact..hence much of the contact info ( e-mail addresses ) held and sold by marriage agencies is out of date and dud ( I paid $10 usd and $15 usd for 2 dud addresses that never worked ).
    I think only 5% of fsu women are legit and serious about marriage to a western man.
    The other 95% are made up of real scammers and novelty women ( those that are not serious and do this as a casual fling to get some money and gifts out of a western man as in the case of my Kiev girl, Elena..what a f.cken waste of time that was like in 9 months wasted on her ).
    All FSU girls are poor and can not afford a computer ( a computer costs at least 1 years salary for them except my Elena (24 from Kiev) who claimed to own one and an internet connection at her home..must have got that from the proceeds she ripped out of the multiple sugar daddies she has..I going to start a funny web page on her and poke fun soon )
    A real girl may write to you once a week from an internet cafe using her own free e-mail address..thats what you can realistically expect.

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    very interesting..so i can safely
    assume my girl who's been mailing me
    almost every day for a month is a fake?
    btw, i noticed on the header that she's using
    an X-mailer, The Bat, (it's advertised on the web)-
    --is this another red flag? would internet
    cafes use this?

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    i forgot to ask--where is one most likely
    to find a legit from FSU?..
    somebody must have had success out there..
    are there websites that are considered

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    [8D]Ones that mail everyday should be viewed with much suspicion especially if they send you pictures with every e-mail.
    These girls are busy and dont have time to go to the internet cafe everyday unless they making a living from scamming, then that is there bread and butter to do that.
    Are the letters lovey dovey...i.e talk about love and things before you have even meet her...a normal, honest women would never confess her love for a complete stranger she has never meet...its not acceptable in any culture.
    When they start talking about money problems or asking for money for a visa ( she can never get a visitors visa to US, Canada, U.K, Australia or most west european countries..they don't give them to single gilrs from the FSU or other poor economic countries ) or even hinting about sending money with a sob story about sick relatives and no money for medicines or hospital ( its all a lie of course ) then you should drop her and run..shes a scam then.
    The Bat e-mailer is popular with scammers but a lot of girls use it and it is popular in use in FSU countries along with ICQ chat.
    You should check samples of scam letters to see if she is following a scam pattern..sometimes these girls will write for months and months and suck you in and then pull the scam...this new breed of super patient and smart scammer is becoming a serious problem as they are much harder to detect until they have pulled off there scam..and then its too late..youve been bitten.
    Lets be careful out there. ( oh my scammer girl Elena used the bat e-mailer personal edition but its use does not prove anything in itself )

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    [8D]As to marriage agencies, none can give a total 100% gaurantee they are free of scammers..its impossilbe to do a 100% screening for scammers..some do it better than others and are really on the ball when it comes to detecting scammers but they rely on reports from men and anti-scam sites.
    Keep away from agnecies that control e-mail to and from a women and charge for every letter you send to her or open from her.
    Direct e-email contact to a private address is best..start with a marriage agency first for correspondence ( one that lets you exchange addresses ) and move away from them as it gets more serious.

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    Why do you think all russian girls are so poor? In fact not so many girls here use internet cafe.
    if a girl wants to meet someone by net she should have a computer at home or at work. and the most of them have believe me. But it's about Russia and i dont really know the situation with net in Ukraine.
    Yes there are very many poor people in Russia but they are not very educated. So they dont use computers at all.
    Of course girls cant spend so much money to correspondence with their soulmates. But if she is really interested in you she'll find the way. And don't believe these girls who ask ur money to pay for net or smt like that. Its easy here.
    All of russian girls need money of course. But a normal girl first looks for a man (of course not poor) but not his money.
    You'll see it easily if she wants ur money but not u. she'll just ask for them. Of course every girl likes to get presents. But a normal girl will never ask them first.

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    [8D]Sveta, you present a frank insight into Russian ladies.
    We need someone in these forums to present a true picture of Russian ladies...the honest ones as this forum is dominated by men who have been scammed and can only see things from a scammed point of view.

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    I am in correspondence with a legit girl from Russia, and believe me, many of them have their own computers. Granted, they are not brand new, and her computer breaks down all the time. But, I call her everyday anyway for 5 cents a minute with an international calling card, so her emails are not an issue. She has a home phone and a cell phone too, but says the cell phone costs 30 cents a minute just for local calls, so she barely uses it.

    I've talked to a scammer and a legit girl now, and if you are talking to a legit girl, there will be no doubt in your mind she is real. It is like night and day. I've noticed the following from my own experiences:

    1) A legit girl would NEVER ask you for ANYTHING!!! If she asks you for anything, she is definitely a scammer, because legit girls don't do it.
    2) A legit girl, if interested in you, will WANT to talk to you and hear your voice. If she does not have a phone she will ask to receive a call from you at work, or at a friends, neighbor's or relative's house. They all have access to a phone somewhere.
    3) A legit girl, before investing her emotions in you, will ask you if you are serious about visiting her. She simply will NOT ask to come to you under any circumstances, because a) she wouldn't ask you to pay for a ticket for her, and b) why would she go to a strange country to meet someone who might be dangerous?? It is much easier for a woman for a man to meet her in the safety and comfort of her familiar surroundings.
    4) As you talk on the phone, it is easy to detect her sincerity, and she will GRADUALLY open her heart to you. She will not say she loves you until you have met, although she may feel love, because she is unsure whether you will actually come and see her at all or not. When I told her I bought tickets to see her and told her when I was coming to her, her doubts were erased and her heart opened up like a flower.
    5) When you do send her gifts, (which she will never ask for), there is nothing quite like the appreciation you will receive from her for giving her the attention. There is nothing like it.

    Russians are not poor and miserable. They are happy and have strong souls. Most have all the necessities in life, and can buy extra things from time to time. OK, so they don't have brand new computers and TV's in every room and they don't have 3 or 4 cars like us, but who really needs all this????

    Believe me, when you meet a legit Russian girl, you will never go back to rich, spoiled unappreciative bratty American girls again!!! (and there are in fact many more legit than scammers. There are just a lot of men scammers using thousands of fake photos, so it APPEARS there are more scammers than legit, when in fact this is not true)

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    I absolutely agree with zedralf. He've told the real TRUTH.
    But men think why you meet scammers so often. I think you just choose not those women. If the girl is 20 y.o., she is young and pretty she does not search for serious relations. She doesn't want to marry! Believe me girls in this age don't think of marriage with a foreigner here.
    Please be realists and choose suitable women. If you are 40 y.o., she should be 30, but not 18-20! She can be divorced and has a child, but she will love and appreciate you like anybody and never in this life. Your money and appearance will be not the most important for her, the most important is your love and attention to her.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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