Every "photo" that has contacted me has turned out to be a Scammer - dozens of them. Yes - you are talking to a photo - always remember that - until you get conclusive proof she's real

You are an average looking guy and some pretty gal contacts you. Want does she really want - she could pick from tens of thousands of guys ?

Scenario 1: She has no photo on the Agency that she uses:
"She" asks for your e-mail address - It's so she can operate on the Agency Site without a photo and therefore that site can't check if it's a Scammer's Photo.

JUST DON'T BOTHER TO ANSWER - Unless you want to Scam Hunt that photo.

Scenario 2: Has photo:
She has a photo on the site. So, read between the lines, is that a real girl talking - Check how popular she is - many sites show how many times she's been viewed and / or how many times she's logged on and last login date. She's not telling the truth if she's getting "close" to you and she's still logging on - ask her about it.

Many will do a mass mailing, "Julia Pokova", "Veronika Sozonova"
They mail hundreds of guys in a mad dash, they know they're going to get put on an Anti Scam site but they've made a big stack of cash.

When you realise it's a Scam setup, steer in the direction of "A meeting" she will want to come to you - say you want to see her and then the words for "Visa or other money" will come - then do her quick to save guys who are new to the scene

In your own Profile: Use as early words that you "Never send money" and you'll get fewer Scam Attacks.