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    Default Possible new form of scam?

    Hello all,

    I have been writing to a 25 year old Ukrainian girl for about 5 months now. I am 48, overweight and not really good looking. I think she is cute and seems to have a very bright and bubbly personality. I really like this girl.

    Early in our correspondence I tried to flush her out as a possible scammer. I suggested she come to visit me, but she said no, and suggested I come visit her in the summer (of 2005). I sent her a birthday gift via a service that takes pictures of the recipients. The address was correct and I got back two photos of her with the gifts I ordered. Though, the photos were outside away from the building where she lives in.

    So far I have never been asked for money and nothing has been typically done that suggests to me that she is a scammer. I have also mentioned things that I thought would have encouraged her to drop me, but she has not.

    Later I started to receive e-mails from the agency she is supposed to be using to help her correspond with me. The agency has suggested gifts to send her, for her birthday, Christmas and recently Valentines. I have ignored these messages, preferring to use other services.

    This started me thinking. What if this is a scam, and the scam is that the agency suggesting gifts for your girl will not actually the gift, but actually pocket the money. Of course, the girl will have to be in on this scam, and would be getting a cut. All the girl has to do is keep writing and encourage her man (or men) to keep writing to her.

    The girl could have several guys corresponding to her, and some may actually be buying her gifts through the agency!

    Has anyone come across this as a potential scam?

    I should state that my girl has not written me this week. Last week I got an e-mail from her and she briefly wrote about Valentine. About the same time I got an e-mail from the agency suggesting a Valentine gift. Since I did not respond to the agency, and made a passing comment about Valentine to my girl, I have not heard from her since.

    Maybe she gave up on me?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    probably mrmiguel you had a good girl who only wanted to meet you and in the future go to your country.

    probably she decided you are poor or not educated because you do not send a small gift or letter on valentine day.

    probably she decided to find a new man.

    all agencies want to sell you gifts and flowers, but you can go to a different place if you wish, but why do you think it is a scam now? simply go to a different place for gifts, as you already do.

    why do men think $50 is much for a teddy bear? i agree, but then i buy a small bear here for 20 and send it for 35, so the agency price is high, but the alternative is equal.

    i hope all you men think all girls and agencies are scams-now i have more choices! why not send me her address and i'll write to her!

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    You know you're not cheap, Mr Miguel.
    You sent her a gift for her birthday.

    But it would be unfair to conclude straight away that she is a scammer, just because she stopped writing. All of us, including this lady, need to carefully screen our potential spouse. Perhaps she has realised that it won't work, for whatever reason/s.

    There is always that question mark in every relationship until you actually meet in person, isn't there...

    I hope she does explain what happened.

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    While Valentine's Day is not normally celebrated in Russia or Ukraine, the women have learned about it and understand that we do celebrate it. Did you send her something through the "other means?" How long have you been writing to her? What city is she from? Many Ukrainian cities are known for their scammers and scamming. What is the name of the agency? Have you checked them out with any of the agency scam sites? If you do hear from her again, and you want to continue the relationship, do not forget March 8, International Women's Day. It is better to forget her birthday than to forget this day.

    Also, this is not a new form of scam. Some agencies pay the girls for the photos, write the letters to the different men, and pocket the money for gifts and language lessons. In some cases, the girls get a percentage and help with the letters and pose for photos with the gifts. A double charge by the agency, the gift and the photos.

    I do know honest agencies in Russia and a highly screened free site for contacting women from the Ukraine. Contact me off list if you want their information.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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