Guys: I was alert to pick this one up. It goes this way.
You contact a marriage agency (for, put up your free ad. Then wait 28-30 days. You get a letter from some average gal. BUT, you have to pay their monthly fee($ 10 or $15, etc.) to read her letter. O.K. so you pay the $15 fee. Her letter is addressed to you BUT it is her general letter that the agency had her write when she joined with her photo. All they did was add your name at the top and forward it to you. O.K., so you answer her letter (she does not know the agency sent you her general letter). Then, you realize she did not send it. So, just before your $15 membership expires again, you get another letter from some other gal but you can't open it because you need to pay another $15 for the next month's membership, ad naseum. I did not lose any money on this one!