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    Default katya from samara aka karamelka

    i was scammed from katya from samara she write she are a hairdresser i found this girl under the name elena volkova the newest name are ekaterina solovyeva who was scammed from her?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    [here the first letter:
    glad to receive your letter and thank you for your photo. I lied it and I
    will be glad to see more your photo. I think that you are write me because you
    have some interest to me otherwise you didn't write me. I will be glad if our
    interest will be the same and we will have a good correspond with each other.
    Are you agree with me? and I think i should to tell you something about myself
    first of all.

    My name is Katya if you still don't know. I'm living in Samara. It's situation
    in Samarskaya oblast', Russia. I was born in Samara on 15 December 1977 and I'm
    still living here. Samara really a good city and i like it very much. What
    else...? I have some my best friends and I like to spend my free time with them.
    I like doing different things in my free time. I like to swim very much, also I
    like reading, dancing, cooking,walking and many other different things.

    Something about my character: I'm funny person and I like my life but my life is
    not ideal. I have sense of humour and I like a good joke but some joke make me a
    dissatisfied. My friend told me that i'm honest and open person and that's why
    with me easy to chat.

    Maybe you are thinking that why this cute girl searching someone abroad? I try
    to tell you it in some words for now. I can't my love here...... I think it's a
    really difficult question and I will try to tell you more about it in my next
    letter. Ok?

    I think it's at all for now and I'm going to finish my letter now I'm novice in
    internet and I'm a little ashamed but I hope I will feel my self more better in
    it after some letter and that's why I will be glad to see you next letter in my
    inbox again and we will continue to knowing each other.

    I send you some my photo. The first photo i took in summer and the second photo
    was take recently.
    Take care,
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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