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    Believerinfate Guest

    Default Is the basic scammer premise really true?

    The basic premise of a scammer according to everyone it seems, is that scammers ask for money. "Never, ever send money to someone over the Internet." I disagree! Do not rule every woman out just because she may ask for money.

    I have visited six countries over the years, not counting the United States where I live. In each country I have seen women, and people in general, down on their luck and in bad financial condition. This includes many, many in the USA who do not have a lot of money. I don't either. But I do have more than those who truly have trouble surviving. Sometimes this can actually be because of life circumstances beyond their control, believe it or not.

    I have written to women, and sent a little money to the ones I felt were truthful. I have selected some that seem genuine, then actually visited them. Of the ones I have visited, in Russia, the described living conditions were actually true. We did not match for other reasons, like basic philosophy on life. But I believe in fate and keep looking for the right one.

    What I am saying here, is just because a woman you may not have even met asks for money, does not instantly make her a scammer unless you have arranged your entire life to center around money.

    Get real and look at the person themself, and the unfortunate circumstances they may be in; and just maybe to survive, they have to do things they normally would not do, or even like, such as requesting help, be it monetary or spiritual, or just some compassion from another human being on this planet especially if they can't find it at home.

    Do not label every woman who asks for money as a "scammer." It isn't necessarily true. Open up your heart a little and learn about the Russian soul. And yes, you may lose a little money if your judgment at times fails you. I think it is offset by the ones you can help.

    Regards.......from Believerinfate

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I would like to note that you will find scammers everywhere, Yet, the ones that hustle me the most are the FSU women. I am on about 7 singles site's, I get a smatering of local women dropping me a quick note. I get truckloads of Russian women writing, everyday there is more mail from them and the it is basically the same opening letter everytime.

    I wrote one away's back and her and I hit it off and she sent some photo's, they looked very professional in nature, this raised a few flags in me. Then within 5 emails she wrote and needed money for the internet and the address and everything to send to, so of course she could keep in contact with the American man she was falling for. I stopped writng her that moment and have never heard a word from her since.

    The next time I responded to a Russian woman was about 2 months ago. I would like to note that all the Russian women that have contacted me were from yahoo's dating site. At any rate we started exchanging email's on a daily basis, and things seemed to look good. I did start to wonder after a spell though about why she never really "answered" a direct question most the time. Next thing I know she is falling in love with me and I admit, being quite green about the situation grew quite fond of her. She sent a picure with every email and they were not a raving beauty and they were the same person in all the photo's, about 15 of them.

    She then wanted to visit and said she was going to do all that she could to come visit me. I wrote her and said her and I had to discuss it more as my situation is not so wonderful at the moment, I thrashed my back and money is very tight and i told her this many times. One day i get a email from her saying she had got a visa ( I have been reading here on the site and i do not believe you get a visa in two weeks time ).

    She said that she had gone to the pawn shop and hocked all her gold and silver and cried and cried and was in despair with the travel agency to take a partial payment, which of course they did. Thats when money came into play, she still needed $570.00 dollars and could I please help. She also supplied me with the western Union website as her great friend had told her I could use to send the money to her.

    I wrote her and said I did not have the money and that I felt terrible and sad and I really did as I did not know what was happening to me. Then some very loud alarm bells went off and I used the tool everyone should use and that is Google. I typed in her name and the first hit I got was this site. Another man had been exchanging emails with her and then realized she was a scammer and stopped writing her. I stopped writing her right then and there, she has since sent me two brief emails that we are still destined to meet and she loves me and all that good stuff. The letters she had wrote to the other man on this site were almost identical to the ones she had wrote to me. Her profile and name on this site is Marina Smirnova. She either has a fake id or that is her real name as the letter about the wire transfer was to be sent to that name.

    I then did some more Googling and found her on the site I wrote a post about, the Russian dating scam flower site. It lists all known scammers that they have tried to deliver flowers to and the address was false and bogus. I am not sure if any of you have used that site I listed, but it has a large database for known scammers.

    Since then i delete all emails from Russians and I tell you, I sure have learned alot in my research on the matter of the scams and tons of stuff I have learned on this site.

    So, I guess, yo have to be very wary, use this site, the site I listed and really, really look into that woman that has fallen in love with you in email over the course of two weeks.


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    Raibeart Guest


    Mr Binary,

    Well, you get what you pay for. The only women/men posing as women that can afford to use Yahoo personals are scammers getting money from me like you and me. Personally, I would not date another American woman if you paid me. There are honest agencies that can help you and if you want to know about the ones I know, contact me off list.


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    I agree with believerinfate. There are a lot of women and other people who are in big trouble and really need money. But be sure that Internet is not the right place to ask for help ! It feels very strange if such help is asked here !
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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