[8D]Elena Rays, the women I wrote to from Kiev age 25 is also using "The Bat" e-mail program for all her e-mails to me ( 55 of them ) from day one.
I pulled the plug on this women after losing about $500 in costs to he or rather she got offended after months of correspondence when certain questions were raised about scamming and her intentions..A REAL WOMEN AFTER MONTHS WRITING AND TELEPHONE CALLS WITH HER WOULD HAVE ASKED ME WHY I THOUGHT SUCH THINGS OF HER BECAUSE IT WAS GOING WELL ( at least I thought it was ) BUT SHE DIDNT AND WROTE A QUICK LETTER IN WHICH I WAS BRUSHED OFF AND SHE STOPPED WRITNG TO ME SO THAT IS THE END OF THAT,,IT TOOK OFF WHEN CONFRONTED WITH QUESTIONS IT FOUND TOO HARD TO ANSWER.
I sent her e-mails and other info to ua profiler and they think she is scam and will put her up on the site as a scam warning,
Stay away from WDN network and affiliates ( Angelika net etc. ) profile GT6354 which is listed on 60 sites.
Her profile got recently changed seeking men now 25 to 50 years of age and her address sold once more very recently, making it 10 people who bought her address in the last year..is using UKR.NET AND MAIL.RU ADDRESSES.
Is very suspicious in behaviour..does not answer letter questions completely..uses form letters ( I set up a pseudonym on another address and got replies that were word for word identical and very little changed with the letters )..takes ages to reply to you after having read your letter and received read receipt..logs on often to internet as she has her own computer and internet connection at home ( so it claims to have )..I bounced spam mail off her adddress and it was regularly opened and viewed receipt given...100% proficient in English so why no instant replies is a mystery.
UA profiler say she fits the profile of a scammer based on her e-mails to me but she is not yet recorded as a scam artist so must be new at it or using another name or photos.