Asian Melodies is a scam.
You cannot send any email, skype, WhatsApp or phone number.
The site will send you possible matches or say XYZ is online, chat to her, and many don't have English!

These women are not age related, some very young, but all very beautiful millionaires who say I will come to your country (never naming it) with my sister and do you want to have sex with both of us. Such crap!

It's run out of Kiev, Ukraine and you will get messages of undying love,and when you look they have never read your profile.
They have a robot that send messages out to you, to try to get you to engage and chew through dollars.

As soon as you log in you will be flooded with messages to tempt you.
They must have more billionaires than any other site

These algorithmic messages repeat after about 12 or so and they will all be identical. Support isn't and if you complain support vanishes. Don't bother with this site as yiu will never meet anyone and many messages are just so far out of reality it is so obvious. STAY AWAY !!