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    Default I think this is a scam HELP!!

    I got an email from a gal who saw my add on yahoo personals and it is very suspicous because she acts like she fell in love with me after only one or two emails and I don't think that is possibe. What makes it hard to detect is that she called me on Easter about 8:45PM her time. I am copying her emails as well as an email from her travel agent. She also sends pictures with every e mail and some with her family and friends. Let me know your thoughts please .

    Email 1:

    Hello my dear,

    How are you? My name is Anna.
    I am pleased to receive your e-mail, I think, my letter to you too do not remain
    without the answer. I was very much interested with your profile.
    I want to tell to you that I have no computer at home.
    I attend Internet - cafe, therefore I cannot answer at once your letters. First of all,
    I should explain, that I live in Russia in city Kumertau.
    You know, I never was in the USA. I think, that it is the beautiful country with
    good traditions. I very much like to travel. When I was small, we travelled with
    my family on Russia much. And how about you?
    I hope, that you are not so sad that I live in Russia. But I want
    to be with you honest, therefore I speak you at once whence I. My profile shows
    that I am in the USA, but I never made it earlier, I do it for the first time, probably
    I have made something incorrectly.
    At us in Russia it is now very cold. Today we have temperature -16#1057;.
    And what weather is in your place?
    I have decided to place my profile in Yahoo because I want to find the special person.
    I am very lonely here in Russia. I have no my unique and favourite person, because
    I do not like mentality of Russian men. I heard, many Russian girls, have found the
    happiness and the love in your country. And I too have decided to try.
    My girlfriend has found the husband on Yahoo. He is from Germany, they have found
    each other and now they are happy together and they live in Berlin.
    I also want to be happy with my special person. I want to love and I want to find the
    person, which will love me. I want to be happy and to find the love.

    Well, I think, that you want to learn more about me and my family.
    My parents live far in the other city.
    I have native sister who is for 2 years is more younger than me.
    She is they are married also have the charming kid. Recently they have moved
    very far to other city and now we do not see almost. I feel lonely. I am one here,
    therefore I want to try to find my love in other country. I have no here any native
    to me people to remain in Russia.

    Now there is some information on me also that I like:

    - I am a christian
    - I love red roses
    - My favourite color is dark blue
    - My favourite music is Classical
    - I love animals (everything, without exception)
    - I very much like to prepare (my favourite dish is an apple pie)
    - I like to read books (Bulgakov, Nabokov)
    - I like automobiles, but I have no the personal automobile.
    - I love silent lonely places
    - I like to go to cinema, I look different films, but especially I like comedies and melodramas.
    - I do not smoke and drink socially
    - I have no any tatoos or pircing
    You excuse me if, my letter has turned out big. But I hope, you have not got tired to read it!
    By the way, I have the pedagogical higher education.
    I have graduated from Pedagogical Academy. I am the teacher of initial classes.
    Still there are some things which I do not love:
    - I do not like to go on discos, there there are many people.
    - I do not love winter because it to eat very coldly in Russia

    I would like to learn more about you. What do you like and what you do not like?
    That there are your favourite things, your favourite color and everething. I hope,
    that my letter is not boring for you.
    Unfortunately it is time to me to go, already is very much late.

    Your new friend from Russia Anna.

    Email 2:

    Hello my dear Carl,

    How are you today?
    I am very glad to see your email. And I would like to see all of your pictures,
    because it is very interesting for me.
    It makes my day. I am happy to read your emails. I see we have a lot of common thing and
    I like it very much. I think we are becoming more closer to each other.
    I chose your profile because I like you very much, when I read your profile
    I think you are very interesting person. And I think I am always looking for you.

    I would like to tell to you how passed my Valentine's day. My friends have invited
    me to visit small cafe. They were with the partners.
    You know, I think, that you too would like my friends.
    We congratulated each other, we wished love. They kissed and embraced, and I looked
    at them and me It became a little sad. I have no special the person,
    but I very much want to love. You know, I believe, that on the ground each
    person is created for someone.
    These two half necessarily should meet. Even if they should pass big and
    difficult way but if so the destiny has decided, and from destiny we cannot run away.
    I want to meet the person whom I can love for ever.
    Unfortunately here in Russia I cannot meet my unique person,
    with which I want to create family and to be happy. But I necessarily meet him,
    even if he will be for hundreds miles from me, we shall find a way to be together.

    By the way I have something more to tell you about me. I didnt tell you that I like travel.
    I have been in Moscow, I was been there some years ago with my friends.
    Also I have been in St.Peterburg. It was wonderful to see good places.
    My city Kumertau is small but beautiful. It is located not far from Ufa city.
    But unfortunately I had no chance to visit any foreign country very often,
    I think its very interesting to know about culture of other countries.
    I was been only in Turkey 2 years ago.
    Some more information about me:
    - I have green eyes
    - I am 5'6
    - I am 59 kg
    - my size (105-63-96) in cm.
    Also I would like to tell you that I work in a school in my town. I am a teacher in primary school.
    But I earn not much in our country. About 100$ in your money per month. Its very little money.
    Now I would like to tell you about my last weekends.
    It was - 15 C digrees ( this is a teperature in Celcius), and I with my friends went to the
    forest for a camping. And it was very funny.
    Do you like camping?
    By the way, I will be 27 years old soon.
    My birthday 10 of April .Can you believe it!!!.
    I am very lonely in my birthday because I don't have a man who loves me.
    Now I am very sad that you are so far away from me, because we could not be
    together on my birthday .

    I have a dream to have a family, to take care about my husband.
    It is all I want in my life, i just want to be happy.And it does not matter
    in what kind of country my future husband is living.
    I will be next to him, and I will find any job I can to help have a good style of life.
    Ok, there are some more questions for you:
    - what did you do on weekend
    - what did you do for fun
    - what do you feel about such relationship as we can have.

    Please answer these questions, because it is very important for me.

    I will be waiting for your reply very much.
    Goodbye for now, I have to go for a work.

    Yours Anna.

    Sorry if I not answered all your questions because my English is not very good

    Email 3:

    Hello my honey Carl,

    How has passed your day? I hope, that everything is good.
    You know, I am so happy to read all your letters. Your letters make my days.
    My friends and parents are happy to see, that we have our correspondence.
    I should tell to you, that you make my life full of happiness.
    And now I know, that is the person who thinks of me and now I am not alone.
    Thank you for it. I do not want to put the profile on Yahoo again.
    I do not want to look other e-mails. I want to have the correspondence only with you.
    I do not know why, but I liked your profile. I cannot explain to you it.
    It is a difficult question for me.

    Today we have cold weather. It is -12 C. Now there is good time to have a walk.
    But you are so far away and I do not like to walk alone.
    For this reason I am now in Internet - cafe and I write to you.
    I do not know, what else I can tell you about me.
    I do not have children and I have never been married.
    I think, you already know all
    things about me. I feel, that I know you very long time.
    Yesterday I and my girlfriend went to cinema. The film " National Treasure ".
    You should see it, because it is very good film.

    You know, I very much would want to hear your voice. But I have no phone at home
    and I have no cellular telephone, therefore you cannot call me. But if you want, you can give me
    your phone number and I shall try to find a way to call to you as soon as possible.
    I do not know how it will be, I not so well speak English.

    It is very difficult to use messenger because of time difference, and I dont have computer at home.

    You know, when I stay alone every evening, I think of our first meeting as it can be.
    I imagine, that you see me at the airport and you give me flowers. You take my hand and you kiss me,
    and we go in your house to celebrate my birthday.
    It will be the best gift on my birthday in the world.
    Or you can visit me and we shall celebrate it here, together, only you and I.
    I think of it all time. Did You imagine it or not? What do you really think of it?
    I want to ask you what is closest airport to to your place?
    My airport is located in the city of Ufa, it is 160 km from my house.

    I cannot stop to write to you the letter because I like it very much.
    But I should make some work on the house and I should go.
    I hope, that you think of me because I constantly think of you.
    I send you my photos. I hope, when you will look at them, you will think of me.
    And I hope, that you like to look at my pictures.

    I wish you good day!!!

    Kisses for you!!!

    From Anna Smirnova with love!!!
    Russia, Kumertau, Krylova street, 8-13.

    PS. On a photo I am with a guitar. I like to play the guitar when I have a free time.

    Email 4:

    Hello my love Carl,

    How are you today?
    I am very happy to read your e-mails.
    You forgive me for late respond. I think, that you are the special person for me.
    You are very handsome man and I constantly dream of you. I have told all
    about our relations to my friends and parents. They are glad to see, how I become happier,
    than was before. I do not know, what else I can tell to you. I am full of words
    of love to you and nothing else. Every day I hope, that all this is real,
    that you are not only my imagination.
    My friends and parents say hello to you. I have some gift for you from them.

    I cannot wait for our meeting, I think of you every day.
    What about you??? You are the man which I search for.
    I was in travel agency, I wanted to learn, how I can arrive to you.
    I want to be only with you on my birthday. I hope, we can meet and I have given
    your e-mail address to my tourist agent. He promised me to send you the
    information on my trip. But there is one thing If we want to celebrate
    my birthday with you in your place, you should tell to me, you will help me?
    They will sell cheap tickets if we shall meet.
    Tickets will cost much more for us if I shall depart later.
    They say, that it will be much more difficult that apply for a visa which is
    valid during 1 month. I do not know why they have told to me that.

    You think of it, I cannot get it, because I earn only 100 $ here.
    But you should not worry because of money.
    I shall give you your money later when we shall meet because
    I shall work in some school and I can earn a few money for you.
    I regret to tell you these things, but I very much want to be with you.
    I do not know what else to you to tell, you know all about me.
    Certanly, if I could ask, my friends and parents to lend me some money,
    but they have no such money. Please, understand me correctly.
    I can speak with you all the day long and all the night long,
    but I would better to speak with you face to face.
    So we can better learn each other. Do not you think so?
    If you want, I can arrive to you for a week and we shall see how
    things will go. Or I can stay with you for ever. All is in your hands.

    I give you many kisses from me and I give you my heart.
    You live in my dreams, I want to be with you soon.

    I want to touch you and to kiss you. Bye.
    PS. I shall wait your answer.

    From Anna Smirnova with love!!!
    Russia, Kumertau, Krylova street, 8-13.

    PS. Late happy Easter!!!

    Email from travel agent:

    28 March, 2005

    Dear Sir !

    Due to the request of Anna Smirnova
    we send you the information about the tour
    from Kumertau, Russia to the USA

    Foreign passport - 100 USD
    Tourist visa for a month , one entry- 125 USD
    We can offer the next flight on 9 April.
    We can't provide you with the information about the exact time Anna arrives to you, we will have that information
    as soon as we receive full payment and start arranging the trip.
    If this time is ok for You and Miss Smirnova, you should make balance payment sooner.
    Since our travel agency has discounts, the total price for the trip 987USD is valid for 5 days.
    Roundtrip tickets with the registration of all the documents for Anna's flight costs 987USD



    Unit Price











    Round ticket



    Total: 987 USD

    We arrange all necessary documents and tickets in 8-12 days after
    receiving the full payment for the trip.

    You can transfer the funds for the trip of Miss Smirnova via MONEY GRAMM or WESTERN UNION system.
    It is the fastest and the safest way to transfer the funds. Our travel agency is officially registerred as a private
    businessman Dmitriy Kozlov, Ufa, Russian Federation. As soon as you transfer the funds on the name
    of our director, will you please e-mail us your full name and MTCN (money transfer control number) and we shall
    get the funds the same or the other day after transfer.
    Payment memo: Payment for Invoice #8470; 23-742-1823
    Order Now

    You can also transfer the funds for the trip of Miss Smirnova to our bank account and we shall receive the
    funds in 3-4 working days.

    To be paid by Bank Wire:

    Bank of receiver: Severnaya Kazna, Yekaterinburg

    Address of bank: Ekaterinburg Gorkogo 17, Russia


    Corresponding bank: Bank of New York, New York USA
    SWIFT of corresponding bank: IRVTUS3NXXX

    F/o account 890-0055-006 of Bank for Foreign Trade, Moscow
    Account of receiver: 4230-1840-001194396527

    Receiver: "MAKAROV"

    Payment memo: Payment for Invoice #8470; 23-742-1823

    To get any other information you may contact us by e-mail. It is
    cheaper for you and comfortable for us, we will reply
    after receiveing your letter or by phone.

    Respectfully yours,
    "Wings Travel Agency"


    Russia, Ufa, Bazhova street 63
    e-mail: wings-travel@narod.ru
    tel: +7 912-617-0088

    I really think this is a scam but they are good as I have a family photo as well as a phone call received and she says that she even has a gift from her parents for me so I asked her to send it to me today and will wait to hear from her again.

    Thanks in advance.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    This is a SCAM!!!

    I did a quick search on the information you have written above. This is what I found after searching for "Dmitriy Kozlov scam" in a google search...

    **She suggested a Travel Agency named Germitur, supposedly owned by Dmitriy Kozlov. This fake agency had the guts of sending me a contract with Kozlov's signature and another signature, no stamps, seals, nothing. Kozlov insisted that I could only send the air tickets money to Suetina Anna, not to the agency. I consulted lawyer Michael Muinov. His reply: October 9 "Dear Mr. Louis, I've studied the "contract". It's s*** (if you will excuse the expression..) A foreigner CAN send money directly to a Russian or Ukrainian Travel Agency. The "Germi Agency" is NOT registered travel agency.

    Here is lawyer Muinov's report on Anna: October 4 "BASIC BACKGROUND CHECK RESULTS There is smth. wrong here.. (must be: her name is Anna, surname is Suetina and patronymic is Mihailovna) So I can't find the person named "Anna Suetina ", dob 05/01/1976 in Novodvinsk (Russia) !! She is UNREAL person. Her home address Melnikova St. House 9 Apt 18" belongs to A.Ketryakov (male). I think that she (or he) is a scam artist. I advise you do not contact with her. I've checked the travel agency "Germitur" also. They are not legitimate.. ALL these are lies and nonsense:***


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    I did find her on a scam site and have listed her on every scam site I could find. I also have reported this to the FBI.


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    i received the same e-mails as carl......yes, quite a convincing
    scam. fortunately, i did a backround check on "wings" and
    found it to be a fraudulent travel agency!
    "anna" laid it on pretty thick!
    thank you!

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    Hi Carl;
    Funny i get the same letters from a maria shishkina from the hunting gound where else
    But mine is a doctor neener neener........anyone wishing to have some fun with these scammers feel free to email

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    If visiting the Russian lady on her own ground, her own turf is offensive to her traditions, upsetting her mother who already is in poor conditon, and that the only way for us to be together is for her to come to me in the USA? Then I say to her, "Start walking!"
    I knew I wouldn't be taking a trip anytime soon to Russia to meet this YOUNG woman willing to be with a healthy 48 year old man in America.
    But oh, the love letters and sexy photos! She must come to me, she says, this is Russian tradition. This means, send money. And now, she needs more money to bring her mother too!
    But of course, they need train ticket to Moscow to visa office, since there is no visa office in town they live. They MUST travel to Moscow to get visa! OK, so the train ticket is more exspensive than licking a stamp to a letter with the application attached. It must be [u]another Russian tradition, instead of letters, its the train ride.
    These are but just of few of the [u]{Red Flags} I've encountered with Natilia...young, young, Natilia! What amazes me is that I can imagine the Pimp behind the camera taking her pictures, directing her to pose in such suductive ways. And the look in her eyes is so serious! I've asked her to smile in the next photo. But she says, she does not smile, because she is sad she is not with me. Oh that one pushed a button alright.
    Sure there are those woman of Russia who speak the truth. Russian woman who are searching for their soul mate, even if its in another country.
    It's sad that the many scams reaching men here in America put a damper on the real woman of Russia. I understand some guys are actually blindly sending this money without some form of insurance that their [u]leap-of-faith is doing the right thing.
    Even with the Internet there are ways to filter out the smoke, it just takes a little longer. I'd rather spend a few dollars digging up the facts about this lady, poking holes (if there are any) in her stores, her backgound, than spending a couple thousands dollars for a plane ticket that will never even reach the taxi to the airport!
    Then again, who knows, maybe she "Natilia, young, young, and pretty Natilia" really does want to come to America, to do her thing, and on my dime...But somehow, I missed her at the Airport?
    But one has to love the effort these people put into their e-mails...I mean, just how many woman Doctors/Surgens are there in Russia? And if she's really a Doctor and can't afford her own ticket, then maybe it's time to take up a new trade. Learn to be an airline pilot.

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    I can tell by your writing that you have never been in FSU. You are actually wrong when it comes to the visa part. They have to go to Moscow, because they need to have an intervju to get the visa. Unfortunately there is just in Moscow and a couple other places they can obtain a visa, so they have to go there. This has nothing to do with FSU, it is USA that is demanding this, and also does only have the few offices. Blame your own stupid politicians!

    When it comes to female doctors in FSU they are graduating from their highschool at 17, they have aditional 7 years og higher education/university, and actually graduates as doctors at 25... So there is nothing suspicious with young doctors in FSU. Another thing is that doctors in FSU actually is a low-paid business.. yes, believe it or not... Many people from FSU are almost chocked by the status doctors have in the western world...

    When it comes to smiles... Did you know most Russians hide their feelings to strangers/unknown people? They can smile at you by the restauranttable, laugh and have a good time.. As soon as the waiter comes, they put on a stoneface. No feelings at all shown. That is why so few of them are smiling at pictures actually.. It has to do with traditions.

    But I am not saying your woman is not a scammer, I don't know her, and I have never seen her letters. But to say everyone that say they are a doctor is a scammer is actually to be a little obsessed and paranoid...

    You should travel a little mate, may be you learn from it )

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    What is it about the YAHOO PERSONALS that the russian girls like so much to make it their hunting ground? I recieved a short note without any of the yahoo info , just a return e-mail of MAIL.RU.
    Fall in love with you by the third mail? C'mon.
    Another girl went ahead and posterd a profile with a pic , but her mail address turned out to be russian ,too. This one says she's in POCOMOKE CITY , MD. Definately a pro picture , but I've seen the same pic on another site , just can't find it again.
    You can't be too careful.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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