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Thread: Cut the crap!!!

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    dru69 Guest

    Default Cut the crap!!!

    Let's get real people!!!
    People who use this kind of scam are usually poor people and in need for money. It's not illegal !!!!!!!!
    If you ask(beg) somebody for money and they give you commit no crime.
    By giving money on the street to a beggar is any different????
    Think very seriously about this :

    How many money are raised in charity and get stolen by rich people.
    How many money are raised by churches (in the name of GOD) just for the priest to buy a new car.
    How many beggers exist and don't really need the money.

    So next time you say something against somebody that scamed you just think about how stupid you were and how far more smarter he is before accusing him(her) of a crime. Think about you're monthly wage and think that he(she) could only earn about 5% of that.

    And before you accuse me of somthing only think of this :

    How much do you spend on pet products or other crap like that and think that the money you sent were used for much better purposes(Ex : FOOD)

    Thanks for reading this.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Mar 2005


    To dru69:

    You must make difference to two matters:
    scamming and begging.
    Begging can be legal (not in all countries !!)
    Beggers ask honestly money without promising anything.
    It is ok.

    Scammers are criminals !! They use marriage agencies and promise to marry, have a serious relationship or come to meet with somebody and when they get the money they disappear and steal the money !!!
    They use false identity and documents.
    Did you know that many scammers are not poor at all !
    They scam thousands of dollars. It is more than they can earn money by work in their countries !! It is criminal !!

    I agree with you about charity people and priests and many others.
    Such happens.
    If they do so they steal money and are criminals too !!
    Many people have been arrested for such criminal activity.

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    Raibeart Guest


    Obviously, you practice what you preach. So how many men have you stolen, oops, received, money from while begging them for it? We are not responsible for your situation being below ours in standards and for spending money on pet food instead of sending it to you.

    The basic facts are:

    Women from other countries cannot (in general) come here for a visit. Asking for money to do so is lying. Giving money to do so is stupidity. Taking the money is theft.

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    "Lets get real people?" Oh yeah, right. Two wrongs to make a right! I missed that day in class.
    Most of the ladies from Russia contacting me, don't look like they live on the street, and are well fed and dressed! Plus, I DO see a differece between loss change, compared to a few thousand dollars...but hey!...Thats just me.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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