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Thread: Loveletter

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    Default Loveletter

    Hi !
    Scam or not ?
    So far she did not ask for money. But going that way anyway....or what do you think ?
    Here is her last letter.........I did not answer to her previous letter, it was about similar...


    Hello my dear ******. My loved I very much wait for your letter
    and I wait for it very long because if I do not receive your
    letter that to me to become very bad without your letters. My
    loved I am very happy that have met you in the life and I now
    can not live without you. My loved I with huge impatience wait
    for your letter but I do not receive it. My loved please
    answer me why you do not write me because I very much miss and with huge impatience I wait when we shall be together.
    My loved I very much love you and I shall not go through if you will throw me. My loved I do not want you to lose because I very much love you
    and can not live without you. My loved I any more do not know
    what to think I so I worry for you. My loved I very much want
    that we as soon as possible were together I very much I love you and I
    simply shall not go through if you will throw me. My loved I
    very much very much miss on you and with impatience I wait for your
    letter. With huge love yours Olga.

    Can you count how many times "loved" or "love" ....?

    comments ?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Ohh.. my GOD... Did she use the L word?????

    It has to be a scam!

    Serious, I, just as you, don't wanna be scammed.. I, just as you, know there are a lot of scammers out there... I, just as you have to be careful... I, just as you, need to look for signs... I, just as you, have to stop being paranoid!!!

    Ok, so the girl said.. My love 60 times... Does that qualify to be a scammer? I have just said.. "I, just as you"... several times.. Does that make me a fraud?

    She can be a scammer like any woman, but please... Give the girl a chance!

    To be honest, I think (not talking about lonelyboy) the guys that are shouting loudest about scam are the ones that never leave their computer to meet the women any way... I think most of them are "keyboard-Romeos" and I don't think they have even been in FSU.
    A lot of them are flirting with women on the net, they don't have money or opportunity to marrie a foreign woman any way... Dreamers.. I am not saying all of them, but the majority. I have been there several times, actually 2 times only since New year. Of course there are scammers, but please don't be paranoid.. Let a woman use the L word before shouting about scam...

    lonelyboy.. which one are you? The realistic type or a dreamer?

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    Hi XLNC !

    Well, after two weeks I will travel to Moscow and STP to meet 5 girls in 10 days ! And later I will meet 3 more.....
    All after a long correspondence. Some girls I have met even earlier.
    So you can decide what kind of Romeo I am.......
    And lets see what kind of "Julias" will be there meeting me !

    You are right. Repeating the word Love does not make her a scammer.
    But I think she is a very naive woman or really thinks that I am naive.
    Anyway I do not believe that any serious woman will write in that way....
    I doubt some kind of game or even scamming. I will continue untill I am sure about her. But I DO NOT SEND MONEY TO HER !! It is sure !!

    We must all understand that ALSO the scammers read what we write here !!!!!
    So all the time they plan new methods to scam.
    But nowadays they can write you a long time without any request for money. They will wait that you will finally make proposals first. Dangerous scammers are very good in brainwashing because this was earlier one of the main subjects in the University for communistic ideology.....

    Scammers are the biggest danger for the newcomers here. I was also scammed for 3 times but now I have experience and I will not be scammed anymore !!! I know their tricks and how to handle them !!!
    Still there is ofcourse the possibility that I make an unnecessary trip....
    Also there are many scammers who start when we meet her. But if we will think with our head and not with what is hot in our trousers, we will never lose a lot of money.....

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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