Sometimes beauty contests and photo contests are started to bring girls into pornography or prostitution. I see this on the news.

That situation is the worst, but here is a more common situation, also not so good.

An agency needs new, young, beautiful girls. They advertise a photo contest or beauty contest with a prize. The girls think it is only a photo contest, but the truth is they must register at the agency. Generally this is bad for two reasons...

1. The girl is not interested in marriage, only the contest and prize money. She believes the contest is real and can win. She is obligated to write many men and make photos. Perhaps she paid money to register and now she loses the money.
2. The man writes to a girl who has no interest; he loses emotions, money, and time.

Is this a scam? I think it is bad business. You should not trust an agency that finds girls like this. You can only lose money and time at such an agency.

Now, my story more precisely...

I met a girl Ekaterina in Yoshkar-Ola. Everything was very good for us, but the first agency had very high prices, so I went to a different agency, Alina Agency (w w w.marriage-4u.c o m). I bought flowers, gifts, transportation, and room at this agency. I thought the agency was honest, but I see money is most important.

One day the agency director sent me an e-mail that Ekaterina wants to register at the agency. I did not understand if she wanted to open an e-mail account with me or search for a new man. Suddenly, the next day Ekaterina was on the agency website, number a567. I was angry that Alina Agency made this choice. Adding the girl on the site brings more men and money to the agency. I am only one man and bring little money.

The women at Alina were old and not very pretty. Now they have young beautiful girls. Now I know that this girl simply wants to win a photo contest at Alina. After the contest, in one month, she plans to leave the agency. How many different girls are there only for the photo contest? Even to write one letter, the cost is US$7 (15 day membership). Normal membership costs US$33 or $71 per month. How many men write to these girls? How many men pay even one month when they see these girls?

In the past I recommended Alina Agency, but no more. If you find a girl at a different agency, never send her here and never send flowers from here. Making photo contests to bring more girls is not good business. You should not trust this agency, because you never know why the girl is there. The worst? Ekaterina was at that agency because I sent her, so they should not ask her to join.

Probably it is too late for me, but I hope my information helps.