Dear sirs,

Recently to me one familiar has told a history as she(it) earns on life, thus not leaving from a house and not working 4 years.
She scammer.
For 4 years this familiar has scam about 40 men for the sum about 100 000 US dollars. But I think the sum and quantity of men really more.

This technology was handed and has at present reached the global sizes.
By my estimations - about 95 % of all questionnaires on sites it is questionnaires scammer.
I shall not discuss the moral characteristic of these women, but it is doubtless in it very trustful men are guilty also.
My purpose - to help to keep the money and to not be deceived.
I offer services of a private detective without the license for rights of friendly aid.
What I can offer?
1. To collect the information on a residence of the woman.
2. the Provisional level of the income.
3. the marital Status - the husband, children, other.
4. Support and your safety at arrival a meeting.

My services will be paid by you agrees the given list of expenses (transport, visits to other city, other charges + the fee.
I think it a good way to save up considerably the big sum in which acquaintance with professional scammer can do without.
I operate first of all with the purpose to help you, therefore I do not need in an advance payment. I work on conditions of fair game and I do not admit work on two parties.
Reputation - above all. I want, that my advertising would be recommendations of my clients.
I work on Ukraine on the conditions which have been mentioned above. Operating conditions on Russia are stipulated in addition.
Details and answers to questions - at correspondence.