I have read many stories and comments about Visa and cost of visas and applications expiring. Here is a little bit of information that MAY help-

First: WORLD WIDE the cost of a US Visa is $100.00 and it MUST be submitted WITH the application. The ONLY exception to this is where other countries charge MORE for a VISA than the United States. In which case there are reciprocity fees. For Example if a visa to LIBERA from the United States cost 150.00 dollars then the cost of a visa to from Liberia to the US would be $150.00. So simply put check with the embassy for the country you wish to have someone come from. If the cost is more than $100.00 whatever that difference is plus $100.00 is the cost of the Visa.

Second. ANY TIME someone tells you their application is going to expire if they do not pay the money soon, YOU automatically KNOW it is a SCAM- PERIOD end OF Story. In live and work overseas in a US Embassy and have coordinated many VISA?s and I am always amazed at the number of people who just do not stop and make one simple check. The Visa process is simple (at least for a tourist Visa). You submit an application with the money and photos, you wait, normally a day or two. That is it. (there is more to it if you are sending a letter of invitation but I can address that later if anyone want s to know. )