One of our visitors wrote:

"Dear Sir

I believe that you are fighting against scammers, and due to this, I have an idea that i want to share with your enterprise.

The site CHARMDATE.COM and its other affiliates are full of scammers, many of them appear in your list.

They have a great business going and by the money they make they can pay the relevant authorities in Ukraine and Russia, and who knows where else.

Their business, they get their girls from agencies or direct, make them a profile, a photo album, and videos, most of the girls appear online but they are not, when a man, contacts the girl he likes the answers are made by employees of the site, when he wants to see the girl, the video already made, is shown, in it the girl appears smiling and doing like she is typing in the computer, all of this is made up, and believe me, the employees are good at this.

The girls, most of them are models, and beautiful ones, get into this because they get 50% of what is spent on them, the rest is split between the sites and if there is an agency that represents any of the girls, this amounts to a good income for most.

The site is completely aware of their scam, they know, that most of the girls are somewhere else, that many of them have modeling or other jobs away from the site, They know it well since they hire the people to do as if it was the girl chatting, or in camera.

They go to the extreme of even overcharging and lying about the expenses made by the man, I have spent a good quantity on it, I have complaint many times, but, they as scammers, answer with a sweet letter, for sure done by their lawyers, saying nothing, that is, not solving anything.

how can this people be put on the eyes of the authorities or of the world as scammers..?, you do have the expertise, I will like to know,.many of this girls are included in your files, and the sites places a note next to their profile "100% verify"

I can understand a good business operation but to go to this extremes no, no way.

Waiting for an answer or an idea of how to go about accusing this site,

I remain, truly yours,"