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    Default What about the Scammers in Nigeria

    I got an email from A girl in Nigerisa that said she like my profile and I lloked nice and wanted to talk. Well to make A long stouy short. She said she was from Fla. but went to Nigeria with A friend and the friend left her High and dry. She said she was 26 (And her picture was out of site) So I started to write back .After A while she said she wanted to come back to the USA and get out of Nigeria and asked for my help(Momey) she said even thought we have never met in person. She said she loved me and would come to me and stay with me and marry me and have A Baby with me. Some feeling with my little head .So over the course of about 4 weeks I sent her @ $1000.00 via Western Union. .One of the monies I sent to her she said A scammers got it from Western Union. So I I sent more money to cover that. To this day she is not here with me. But when I do get IM from her she always has A different answer. Because I asked her how dose she live there if she doesn't have A job and how can you pay for the Hotel she lives in . And I get so lame answer..She tell me also she love me wants to have SEx with and have A Baby with me . But she is still not with me. I keep asking her when she is comming and as always she says next week or as soon as the visa is approve(Because she said it ran out while waiting to get enought money to get back to the US. So I fell for it . Still no Precious

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    in a word. yep. you got scammed. If your first message came thru Yahoo personals in the middle of March. Best thing to do is to delete your profile and ignore anyone under the age of 35. But since greed has a way of increasing as a function of a square. it won't be long till American women figure out that there is very little stopping them from doing the scams. The nigerian government will not help you. They are allowing the scam to go on. I think they same person contacted me at least twice. But never send money overseas unless your have a close and serious relationship and know the girls parents. AND DON"T SEND MONEY OVERSEAS, and slap yourself on the head the next time you are tempted. If you think I'm harsh wait until your post gets read.
    Randy been there down that once

    Randolph J Peters

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    Sorry but you got scammed. I wouldn't be surpised that you were writing a man instead. A "fat Yuri" as we call russian scammers. Did you never talk to her over the phone? Didn't it suprise you that she could IM you but did not have a phone? A scammer stole her money at Western Union? That did not happen. Fat Yuri and his friends are living it up on your money. Sorry to say, you will never get your money back, you will never meet this non existant woman, but you still have a choice. Stop communicating and sending money. Send money to no one, EVER!

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    Did you get scammed??? Nah you didn't, send her another thousand then, she will come to you Guess Sherlock Holmes???
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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