After reading the Stella Thomas a.k.a. Sarah Godsen from Nigeria scam, I was encouraged to give the following information to All Americans.

If a lady claiming to be an American citizen claims to be stuck in a foreign country, tell her that all she needs to do to get back to the US of A is to go to the US Embassy in the country she is in and ask the embassy personnel for the US State Department's equivalent to a "Get Out Of Jail Free". Note, this is not free. She would have to sign a contract with the US State Department saying that she would pay them back and that she would lose her US Passport [on the spot] until she did pay the US State Department back. But they would put her on a direct flight back to the US. She would only be able to carry a carry-on and two suitcases. If she wanted to take anything else with her she would be SOL. Also, she would be escorted to the plane by the embassy. They will not pay any debts or anything she might owe.

This is a protection that every American citizen has (albeit unpublished) when travelling overseas.

Please note that if you take this option, you will not be able to get your passport back (or a new passport) until you have paid your debt to the US State Department (and they are not lax about pursuing these debts).

I, personally, have spent about 60% of my life as a non-resident citizen and only learned about this little caveat in the mid 1990's. This is not publicised lest scammers try to take advantage of it. And it is only for US Citizens with US Passports. Also note, the US State Department will NOT send you to your point of origin, but instead to the first Port of Entry into the US. And if that is not convenient, that is too bad. The way they look at it, their job is to get you back to the US and it is up to you what happens after you get back.