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    Default Hi, my name is Anna, I am an engineer.

    Hi, my name is Anna, I am an engineer.
    I am searching for a serious relation hopefully in the form of marriage, I have a warm loving heart and want to share life with the right one who appreciate these qualities and know the meaning of it, I also have a devoting and caring person seeking a harmonious home environment and life, I believe in good communication based on respect and mutual understanding of each otherís intentions and needs.
    I love simple things in life such as moonlight, good music with a quite candle light nights a good walk in the park or near sea.
    I hope to find my man here and it doesn't matter for me from which country he will be.


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    To: Mrs Valerie Reed
    Subject: Hi, my name is Anna, I am an engineer.
    Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 00:53:38 +0200
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    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Default Re: Dating Scam: Hello baby

    From: Joy [mailto:joygorwon@yahoo.ca]

    My name is Joy.
    I came across your email ID profile while browsing in, luckylovers.net, i was moved to contact you, am in search of a true friend,some one matured and honest. if you share the same view with me, i will be happy to see your mail my dear, Thanks till i hear from you With regards
    Miss Joy.

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    Default Are you the kind hearted, sincere, loving, open minded gentleman I am looking for?

    From: Lyuba [mailto:info@REPUGNANT.com]

    Hi Sweetie,
    Are you the kind hearted, sincere, loving, open minded gentleman I am looking for? Are you also in search of someone to confide with; to share your feelings, joys and sorrows?
    Where would you search for them? Well if on internet I can tell you the best place, itís here at this website, where thousands of beautiful ladies from Eastern Europe are listed. I think they are right when they say Russia and other East European countries have the largest number of elegant female population.
    I am Lyuba, a sweet young girl from Russian city of St. Petersburg. I am from a modern yet highly cultural city which values ancient traditions and culture as much as other things in the modern sophisticated life. I am a Journalist by profession and I am in search of my final true love with whom I want to settle in life.
    So please join this site if you want to find me and talk with me. You can also find many other girls like me, so click here.

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    Default Tell me more about yourself

    Hello dear,
    I am so glad that you wrote me back)))
    Thank you for it!
    And especially thank you for your understanding for my past life!!!!
    But if such things would happen to me now I would never ever do it again...
    That man gave me everything that time. He bought me the house, fixed it in modern style, was buying expensive jewelries!!! I had the way luxury life that I never had before, because my family is not rich at all I really felt myself like a Cinderella!!! But any fairy tale has the end and sometimes the end is not happy at all!!! So that was happening to me...
    After I left that relationship I gave everything back to him Ė house, jewelries... It was my decision even he didnít accept it , because I didnít want to keep anything from the past that I consider my biggest mistake!!!
    I was young that time when I met him and he cared about me a lot that nobody did in my life, so being stupid I was attracted by such life and care from his side!!! That time I studied in the university in Slavyansk city for a teacher and I felt lonely there, the life was not really easy that period... My parents are living in small village and they are unemployed, but they have big garden and farm so this is the only income for them!!! So imagine how it was for me when I saw the other side of the life!
    Now I rent alone my small apartment and I am working in the kindergarten as a teacher!!!
    Please do not think that I am the woman who is looking only for the luxury life...if I would be like this I would stay in my past life forever...but I have chosen to leave it!!!
    The only thing I want in my life to love with all my heart ... because I know that relationship without real feelings cannot exist!!!
    I hope that now I am on my correct way and I am ready for any sacrificing just to be able to love and to be loved!!!
    Tell me what do you think?
    Do you agree with me?
    I will finish here. I hope I didnít make you boring at all)))) and I will wait your next letter to me!!!
    Kiss you dear


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    Default Hello

    From: Evgeniya [mailto:scam-reportvzm@movistar.cl]
    Subject: Hello scam-report

    My name is Evgeniya, to me of 25 years. I live in Russia.
    I saw your your profile and you interested me very much!
    I want to find the man of my dream.

    I would like to get acquainted with the person who might appreciate my care, tenderness and love.
    I want, that you would be responsible, capable to give a hand of the help and to sympathize with me in any problems.

    If you agree with me write to me, I shall be glad. I shall answer you soon. In my turn I shall try be the offer, loving, devoted, responsible woman.

    If you decide to write to me, I wait for your answer very much !!!

    My Email kirei4uk.borislav@yandex.ru

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    Default Hello My Dear

    Hello My Dear, I feel so delighted reading back from you today. How are you doing? I do believe you're having a great day, here the weather is a bit cold.

    More info about me.

    My name is Alice Smith (25) single and never been married, I am from Ivory Coast in West Africa and presently I am residing in the diplomatic house here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country that led to the killing of my father and mother

    My late Father was a gold geologist and he worked with (Merrex Gold
    Inc) He was suddenly killed in Ivory Coast civil war on 22nd March
    2011 including my beloved mother on their way for a business trip. It is only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to this near by country Senegal where I am living now as a refugee. I like reading cooking, traveling watching TV

    I will like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes. I enjoy swimming at the beach, reading, traveling, cooking.sports, hanging out with friends and listening to any music that has meaning to life. I dislike violence,dishonesty.I will tell you more about myself in my next mail.

    Together with this message is some of my pictures i hope you will like them, have a pleasant day.I will be expecting your reply as soon as possible.

    Miss Alice

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    Default Hi, my dear friend!

    Hello, great to find your email.
    I am from Russia, looking for an acquaintance with you.
    I am young, beautiful girl who is eager to find love.

    Please visit my short intro with photos...

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    Default A lonely girl is looking for a man

    Hi dear!
    I am a young beautiful girl!
    Came to your city for a few days
    And looking for a man for nightlife.
    I love to suck cock, I love it when the cum flows down my mouth. I love anal and vaginal sex!
    If you want to fuck my ass, then we can meet and meet at the hotel, and you will have me in your mouth until the morning!
    If you are looking for a lustful whore, write to me on the website id: 079567846735262
    And we will make an appointment!
    I am attaching my photo, on the site you can see the entire gallery of my private photos!
    I'm waiting for your message, handsome)


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    Reply-To: "Sofiya" <Sofiyaven@gmail.com>
    From: "Sofiya" <lpentagna@globo.com>
    Subject: A lonely girl is looking for a man.
    Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 00:15:21 +0300
    Organization: Sofiyaaven@gmail.comom
    Return-Path: <lpentagna@globo.com>
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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