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    Default need an advice - scam ? I dont think so!!


    I would like an advice.

    I have been writing to a Brazilian girl for 5 months (I contacted her), I visited her in April, we fall in love, staid together for 13 days/nights.
    We agreed (I wanted) that she should visit me in July. She has very little money, I must pay flight tickets, travel insurance. She has a valid passport. But to get in to Europe she must have 35 Euro per day she will be in Europe, she will stay at my place. She asked me if she can loan this money from me. She has one 1/3 and must loan the rest from me. I have said ok. But I dont feel very good by the idea of transferring this money to her account (35 Euro * 35 days = 1225 Euro, One Euro is approx 1.3 USD). She can not fly directly to Denmark (no more tickets available), she must change flight in Amsterdam. The immigration in Amsterdam demand that she has this money If not, she will be put in a plane back to Brazil - and the flight tickets are lost...

    My question is:

    How do I arrange that she has 1225 Euro, without transferring money to her ?

    I can open an account in both her and my name in my bank in Denmark (my bank has said ok), and get my bank to write a paper saying that she has sufficient found to cover expenses during her stay in Denmark. And send this paper to her, so she can show it to the immigration in Amsterdam.

    Other ideas?
    What do you do out there, when you are in my situation ?(such rule in US too ?)

    I have called to the immigration in Amsterdam airport, but they can not give alternatives (to bring cash), of what is accepted.(I did not ask the above question - got the idea after calling them).
    And I am afraid, if I call often and ask questions, I make it all worse for her.
    It does not make a difference if I am in Amsterdam with "the money in the hand". She must have it, they said.

    I booked and paid tickets from Denmark. I can book and pay the travel insurance too (I think).
    I have tried, to get her to pay the travel insurance, she has the money. And promised her to give her the money when she arrives in Denmark. But...

    OK, some day I must trust her, by transferring approx EUR 1000 to her, I will find out if it is scam...

    But I know the rule: NO MONEY, NO SCAM !!!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    You are an idiot if you transfer money, once she gets it she will stop writing to you.

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    can you not go to you immigration and put up the cash for her entry with them. Give it a try

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    wxman2003 Guest


    There are no rules like that in US. of course, she probably could not get into country either unless on K1 visa for those planning to get married.

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    Hi !

    As you said, open the account in your country in her name. Send the account documentation to her. She can show it for the immigration officials. BUT remember to agree with the bank about such terms for the account that she can get money from the account only when you are with her !!
    There are probably different rules in different countries and banks.
    But here in Finland this is a very good way to do in this kind situations.

    Also for example when I invite Russian girls to visit me to Finland I will write them the INVITATION letter and write in it the following:
    " I will invite Ms. XXXX to a visit to Finland as my quest and I will be responsible for her and for all her costs and accomodation during her visit ".
    This in enough for the immigration people here and she can come to me without any own money for the visit !!

    But there are many different rules and habits in many countries.

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    Dude, let me give you a heads up. To Get into the EU there is no such requirement for her to have that money.
    The requirment is you: provide her a letter of invitation. In that letter you say who you are, who she is where you live (address) , where she will be staying (actuall address) and that you understand and accept that you are responsible (fiscal) for her during her stay in the EU. Purpose of the trip. She will need proof of medical coverage which she can get just about any where. That is it. Nothing more!!!!!!!!


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    Still more comments.

    In this you must ofcourse explain the purpose and time of her visit and give all your contact information and her full name and passport number.
    NO visa is needed for her to come to EU.

    Opening the bank account for her will be necessary only if she has borrowed money from somebody for her tickets and she has to prove that you promised to pay her trip (if you did).
    You can pay her tickets in your country but DON'T SEND ANY MONEY !!!!

    When she shows the INVITATION at the border she can come to you without any money and problems !

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    hi this is right you send her the invite letter...put i tel you this letter is not so easy i tell your for germany i think this is on all schengenstaates too...you must go to gouverment with the letter for your income and tell the full name from her and her passport and how long see stay in your country and you become a letter with stamp from the gouverment that you pay for all ..this is the invite letter for eu staats this letter send to her and she have not a problem you can inform you on your embassy any embassys have this letters on the homepage in internet

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    Thank you all for the reply's. It has helped a lot.

    The rules are as follows:
    I must go to the police in Denmark and get a letter of guaranty, then she does not need to have any money. The police must stamp the document else the immigration in Amsterdam will not accept it.

    I have not transferred money to her, and she will arrive 29.06.

    An account in her name in my bank is not accepted by immigration in Amsterdam.

    How long do you think one should know each other before marriage ? There is 10.000 km between Denmark and Rio. I am thinking about marrying her when she is here. I have know her since end of December 2004, and I have visited her once for 13 days. Of cause I will wait to the end of her stay, to give myself a chance to find out...

    When I marry her (or another foreigner), I must make a marriage contract (separate estate), what do you write in such a document?

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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