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    Default Mobile (cell) phones in Russia / Ukraine

    I would say that nowadays almost all young and moderatly living women have a mobile phone or at least home phone in Russia / Ukraine, at least in big cities.
    It is very suspicious if the woman writes that she has no phone but still can send you letters from Internet cafe !!!
    This moment I am corresponding with a woman who says that she has no phone but can write me letters from Internet cafe 2-3 times a week.
    All looks good this moment and so far I have nothing to suspect her. Her letters are nice. She answers all questions and comments my letters. But she writes very good English and still says that she has to go to English courses ! Ok, maybe that could all be true. Let's see.
    I just stopped writing to a woman who had no phone but could send me a lot of studio photos. Finally she insisted me to pay her Internet costs. Stop !! Not before the meeting ! There has been a lot of similar women.

    Men !! Why so many looks for a woman from Russia ?? I do it only because I live near to them and meeting is easy. I still hope that I could find a nice woman from there. Otherwise I would look for a woman from Far-east. Most Russian women look only for easy life in warm countries.
    Women from Far-east can even move to countries of cold climate if they find a nice man.

    I have some important info about scamming business, but I do not want to write about it in public. If you want to know more and discuss about it privately, you can contact me to xlimits@luukku.com

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I wonder what mobile company she is using, can you tell me? Because I pay $1,08 VAT included when I answer a call from Greece, or Italy, or Germany, and around $1,30 wneh I answer a call from Canada. I will aprreciate the information! Thanks in advance.

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    it is Megafone, I believe.

    For Moscow they offer from $0.11 for call to $0.21 per minute. It does not depend from what country the call is.

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    Here is the situation with phones in Russia / Ukraine. Of course a scammer will never give the home phone because you can track to it an address. They give a mobile phone # because you can set up a mobile phone anonymously by just buying a sim card.

    Some legitimate girls lie and say they do not have home phones. That is because their home phone would be ringing off the hook with guys calling and they may live with other family members such as parents. There are still ways to find out a persons home phone # using their address / surname with a directory search. But you need a Russian person to help you.

    Another reason she may not give her home phone # is maybe she's living with a boyfriend.

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    Right on it JSK!!!

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    I have been to the Ukraine several times, but not to Russia. So I will only comment on Ukraine. Most women do not have landline phones, but instead many have mobile phones. The cost of installing a landline into those old run down apartment buildings is quite expensive, so most just go with the cheaper cost of a mobile phone. Plus the montly cost is less.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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