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    Hi topcatsr,

    Sorry to say mate,you have been scammed. You forgot the golden rule: "Do not send money;full stop!!!" All these 'girls' are in love with every man that they think will send them money. Doing searches relying on anything they tell you is a complete waste of time;the names that they use are usually false,as is the rest of the information that they give in their profiles and e.mails. They prefer to use instant messenger services because they cannot be traced back;e.mails can!


    Cheers, leo9 ( leo9fs@hotmail.co.uk ).

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    Guys most instant messaging services work on e-mail addresses. add them to your address book and you have it. from there using whois a location can be found. or such as yahoo that person's account can be deleted by complaining to yahoo! I have done this in the past to a nigerian scammer that started to IM me. Yohoo! responded very fast on just a complaint.

    Randolph J Peters
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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