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    Default A new kind of scammer

    I recently submitted a scam report (RS-03809). They didn't publish it I think because I did not have her asking for money over email.

    This is a new kind of scammer. She does not ask for money over email. SHE ASKS FOR IT OVER THE PHONE!!!

    Scammers are getting smarter now. They know if they ask for it over email they will get blacklisted. So she gives her phone number in the email and asks you to call her. She then tells you over the phone she is really interested in you and she wants to go to your country but that she will need to go to the travel agency to make arrangements to get a visa to your country.

    When I told her I was already in Moscow I caught her off guard. She did not want to meet and got off the phone quickly. I am really disapointed in stop scammers for not publishing my report. Here is her letter to me: Let's stop this lady from scamming.

    From: bk200581@mail.ru

    Hello John !!!
    I was "over the moon" when I've seen your add!!!
    First I would like to introduce myself:
    I'm 23 years old,168 tall / 54kg.I have brown eyes and blond hair.
    I'm kind,romantic,tender,feminine,sincere,patient,easy going and a bit shy.
    I have a big loving heart and I can't stand rude and boring people.
    I'm very keen of sport,I play tenis,go dancing,I do the gim and go horse riding.
    I also like reading,cooking and painting.I'm painting with water-colours and
    my subjects are landscapes,because I cannot paint the portrets.
    I was born in Tallinn,but I live in Moscow,because I'm studying here at the
    Madical University.First I'll graduate as a medical nurse,but later I want to become a
    doctor,like my mother.
    I don't smoke and don't drink any alcohol,because I think it is dangerous for the health.
    In my free time I usually meet my friends.
    I am fond of jazz-music as well as clasical and modern music.
    This is all about me-in short.
    Well,everything would be fine,only I need a good,sincere husband.
    I am searching for the real love and if you are ready for a serious relationship-let's go on
    planning the future life together.
    I want to love and be loved.I give and ask a total devotion and love and think that a
    love-story between two persons of different nationality would be very romantic.
    I believe in God,in love and in true friendship.

    You can phone me for this number:+7(095)507-37-22
    I'll be waiting for your call !!!
    A million kisses to you!!!
    With best wishes.
    Your Julia.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi John K.,


    Report published on June, 15, 2005 and your free registration info sent to you on the same day.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you for posting it. This is the worst kind of scammer.

    Hopefully Western Union will implement a system of taking the woman's photo. I think this will scare a lot of the scammers away.

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    Afternoon all, I got this email from a tracy Kieth yesterday saying see saw me profile on Great Daying. asking me to reply to her at tracykeith1970@yahoo.com for undying love. Her email tells of a story of her parents being dead and her lawyer will not release funds or property to her unless she has a MR. or a gaurdian. This was fine until she said that she does not want to settle in Africa. I know, I know, If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. She does not have my good e-mail address, just my yahoo scammer adress. fhe did give an email adress to her lawyer supposedly
    From her wmail "...Even though u dont love me or want me I suggest every properties should be sold out and all funds to be transfered to you .pls all u have to do now is to mail my dad's lawyer and let him know we are married or your are my guardian. u can mail him with this ID barristermo_id2000@yahoo.com ....."
    I think that it is time for some fun. And for the newbies out there who think that complaining to Yahoo does anything. In March I cpmplained to them about one Elena Karaeavo (what ever) snd her profile is still up. Time to write Great Dating. When these dating sites stop giving free access to scammers to post profiles,we will slow down the scammers. But not end

    Randolph J Peters
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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