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    Default I am reeling in a scam !!!!

    Guys, I need some suggestions on how to deal with this scam artist from Russia. This woman sent me email that she wanted a friend, and we started communicating. Initially, I thought it was genuine, but when I asked her for her phone number, she immediately said she didn't have a phone at home, so she was going to call me. I have all the time been going along with the scam and pretending that I am in love with her so much.I have been asking her for pictures that she keeps sending. My plan is to slowly get her to send me nude pictures so that I can post them on the internet. So far I have gotten some pretty saucy pictures but not the whole nine yards yet. She has asked me for $350 to go to Moscow and get a passport etc. She claims to be from Irkutsk, but when she called me and left a message, the number that registered on my caller I.D. was from Yoshkar Ola.
    Please suggest to me how I can lure this scam artist and punish her for what she has undoubtedly done to so many other men.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I go by
    rule #1:
    Post nothing until the deal is done.
    If I was a scammer your are damn right I would be off checking all the other sites.
    Rule #2.
    The pics just don't count , I believe it to be rare that they would be using thier own pics and alot of it is run by mafia types. So babe_in_rusland is correct that most are stolen from somewhere. Now that is a bummer cause I have seen some very beuatiful women.
    Rule #3.
    Always be prepared , you want to play the game then get some accounts with different names. Get different email accounts. Get a postal box.
    Never give out your real info

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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