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    Default I got another one biting

    First reply was 21st July, full details etc.
    Second letter 25th July, lives alone mommy live seperate, dad left when she was 4.Has had a sad experience with a person. 3rd letter 27th July.
    Hi my dear! I very much worry for you why you have ceased to write to me, I do not want that we ceased to correspond, I want that you always wrote to me letters, That you learned me better and eventually that we have met you and liked each other, To me it is bad without you and your letters. Please write, tell that occurs, if you any more do not want to be with me That simply tell me it and I shall not write to you
    more, I shall wait for your letter. Maria.
    4th Letter; 2nd August
    Greetings my dear. Excuse, that I so seldom write to you. But at me financial difficulties. It is very expensive to go to the Internet of cafe. I have spent all money. I do not know as I shall write further to you. I do not want, that you thought of my problems. But I should ask you the help. Send to me 186 dollars on the Internet of cafe. It will suffice for the whole month. I very much ask you. Otherwise we cannot build our relations further. Probably in the future I shall be capable to find money and to arrive to you. But now I do not have money. Please to help me. I think, that you will help me, in fact we is not so simple friends. I have learned, that money it is possible to transfer through bank system WESTERN UNION. It is very reliable system of translations. When you will send money I at once I can receive them. The information necessary for sending money: RUSSIAN FEDERATION, CHEBOKSARY, Domracheva Maria. After sending money you should me inform MTCN (money transfer control number). It prevents removal of money by other people. Also I should know the exact sum of translation and your full name. After that I can receive money. I very much hope, that you will help me. In fact on it depends all our further relations. A huge kiss from Maria.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    You betta baby it does She should of also mentioned that there will be no future relations once she's got da money LOL


    We gotta a long way to go today baby
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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