Wow I have been checkin and lookin and findin stuff out.
Here is what I have found

1) Google search -- very good get lots of info and responds well to peoples names
2) Check Scan sites -- this will make you nuts
3) read mass quantities of letters
4) look at lots of pictures

when you have done all of that this is what you will find
1)Alot of scammers use the same letters
b) On one scam site a name will use a set of letters
on another site different name same letters
c) On site different letters , same name
2) Odds are the pictures are not real
b) Stolen from individuals without their knowledge
c) Pictures of models

This serves to let you know that reality is simple
If she falls in love right away , and then asks for money it is probably a scam

You can?t just rely on letters and pictures to protect yourself , it all helps but pay attention and watch your ass.
If after all that you want to send money to someone that may not even be a woman hey go ahead , its your cash

Hunt them down and then giggle at them , tends to confuse your prey