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    I asked this question but nobody seemed to have a anwser? But i found anwsers in another forum under a title "are they worth it"
    Judge for yourself!!!

    Sep 26 2005 : 20:51:38

    What is the big attraction that so many guys want a foriegn bride??
    From what ive been reading it looks like alot more work than its worth and risky. The only reason im on this site is because i find it somewhat entertaining! After recieving a response from a Russian girl and we started emailing each other, i became suspicious, by the 3rd letter when she wouldnt anwser any questions.Thats when i started investigating and found these forums.I have been approached by 3 others since. Out of the 4 i think one could be real? time will tell,Even if she is i dont think it would be worth all the time, effort and money. I cant help but feel that with all of the culture changes, missing family-homesick, language barrier etc.And with what ive read in some postings to what has happened after men brought them back to there home, country etc. many got there clocks cleaned and there hearts broken.So knowing all of this i ask- WHATS THE ATTRACTION??

    replies from that thread:

    Are Russian women really worth all of the scams, lies and dishonesty?? It all depends on what you are looking for.
    Personally, I regard them very highly. But would I ever consider marriage with one?? Not a chance !!
    I know them much too well to ever have such a foolish idea.
    I have said this many times. If you REALLY want to know about these women. Ask a Russian man and learn the truth.
    Stop being internet dummies, believing what you hear from marriage agencies, Russian women, and western keyboard romeos.
    How many success stories do you hear about longterm Russian women/Western men relationships? Very, very few.
    How many scam stories do you hear? Very, very many.
    They are simply not compatible with western culture. It is just too much for them to learn in such a short period of time.
    Maybe in 100 years they will step out of their 19th century mentality, but for now, they have too much to learn.
    Very nice play things, but not real marriage material.

    I have actually meet two Russian girls married here and my impression was that they were not really happy here..it sounds like fun to them to go to the West but when they realise the streets are not paved with gold and money does not grow on trees and lifes realities, life in the West becomes tarnished to them pretty quickly..it is a different world for them..we have no Opera theatres or none of those cultural things they take for granted everyday in the FSU..operas and concerts are too expensive and out of reach here and most Western men are not interested in anyway with such things..we like to watch football on t.v etc...not go to a concert for 5 hours and sit and watch something you don't understand..many Western men find that boring and its incomprehensible to a Russian or FSU women why we found such things "boring"..I personally would go to sleep during one of those events!
    Russian women think Western men are "weird" and most have a low opinion of them.
    Some Russian girls or individuals scam, some do this internet bride profile thing as a novelty and not serious and some look at the West through "rose colored glasses" and do not do there research before coming here and become unhappy.

    Very few Russian/Western marriages succeed and most are doomed because of the huge differences in culture and mentality for these girls..they are incapable of understanding us and our ways.

    Seriously guys..my advice is to forget about it and get a local girl or stay alone ( you can relieve your sexual frustration at a brothel far cheaper than importing an FSU girl )..your better off.
    You are courting scam or disaster with FSU internet brides!

    If a guy decides to play the internet marriage agency game, my advice is DO NOT take any of it seriously. 50% of the time, the girl that YOU THINK that you are writing to, is really someone else. 50% of the time, the girl that YOU THINK is developing a realtionship with you, is also writing to 20 other guys, making them think the same thing. The odds are stacked way against a successful outcome. The agencies themselves couldn't care less. Bottom line is they don't care about anything other than your money.
    Internet love does not work in most cases and it never will. It only leads to frustration and anger.

    This is the reality with internet dating..full of scam, lies and failures..don't take this thing seriously, guys!
    99.9% chance of scam or failure with internet dating..don't waste money with agencies that do not allow exchange of members private e-mail addresses or charge exorbitant fees.
    Most agency databases are cross shared,stolen or sold and re-sold over and over..the databases become so old the girls are not available anymore or its full of scammers.
    Look Russian /FSU women are fine for there countrymen.
    You can't uproot something from an "alien culture" and expect it to adapt and be happy in the West (US, Canada, Australia etc.).
    Its like taking a plant that grows only in the tropics and then planting it outside in the Antartic..it will not grow..IT DOES NOT WORK!
    Russia etc. is a great country for these girls..they should stay there with the family, friends and culture, they have always known and be happy.

    That's a damn good comparison. I never thought of it like that but it makes good sense. Especially since most of them have the mind of a plant.
    Here are some other reasons.
    1. Very insensitive women and many of them just don't like men in general.
    2. Very unforgiving women. If you piss one off, they tend to stay pissed. Sometimes FOREVER !!
    3. Very unemotional women. They would much prefer to tell you a lie, rather than say what is really on their mind.
    4. Very overrated women. I think that they probably believe all of this Marriage Agency/Internet crap more than we do.
    5. Very selfish women. Normally the most important thing in a Russian womans mind is herself. Aside from her 'blood family' she will care very little about anyone else.


    If you were to travel to some of the smaller places in Russia (Ryazan, Kazan, Ufa, Samara) you would be totally amazed at what you would see. Aside from Moscow and St Petersburg, and the uninhabited areas, the entire country is nothing more than a huge ghetto. Very limited modern facilities and nothing more than basic Soviet era housing. In many ways, socialism is still a way of life and will be for the next 100 years.
    The typical Russian woman knows very little about the modern world other than cell phones and the internet.
    A western guy entering into a relationship with a Russian woman will need alot of time to even begin to understand the mentality. Cultural differences and language barriers can be overcome, but it takes a very special kind of girl to be able to step out of the 'dark ages' and into the moI don't advise involvement with a Russian/FSU women..they are over rated by the hype and lies of interent marriage agencies..the reality is a nightmare.
    dern world. Most of them can not do it.

    All men and women too make mistakes and errors of judgement from time to time as WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND NOT PERFECT but to to have a "mentality" to hold on too grudges for life as a lot of FSU women do, ruins the relationship..such a woman I would dump in the garbage and move on because why should a man put up with such sh*t!
    These women are the type that will do the "cold shoulder, silent, not talk to you for days, treatment if you do something which is in there eyes wrong, even if it is trivial" and I don't like that sort of thing..its very stressful!

    These women all seem to think that we are stupid or something. But it is very easy to sense when something is not right with a woman. Even with only e-mail.

    Its really sad that this does exist and many people are hurt from it.
    I probably would have been one of them.I was lucky,I became suspicious
    and found these forums.Speaking for myself i just don't think its worth the headache or heartbreak.
    I thank everyone for this forum.[^] Mike
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I did not read all the inputs.
    In general I agree with Nick.
    I have met a few women from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova, before meeting this nice woman from Ukraine. Have been there a number of times and she visited me once. All women I have met, were decent, kind and taking care of you.
    Family loves you, hugs you till you are out of air (Nick), they do not speak English, but welcomes you into the family and makes you feel at home.
    In general I think they have their priorities more in order as we do.
    I cannot wait to go back again, traveling in Ukrain, Russia and Moldova is like an adventure, I always travel alone, taking plane, buses and trains, I love the trains.
    When I am with my girlfriend she will not let me take the local bus by myself, she is afraid I get lost!!!!
    Of course I hav encountered a few scammers in the net, but you recognise them easily, THEY ASK FOR MONEY!!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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