I did not read all the inputs.
In general I agree with Nick.
I have met a few women from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova, before meeting this nice woman from Ukraine. Have been there a number of times and she visited me once. All women I have met, were decent, kind and taking care of you.
Family loves you, hugs you till you are out of air (Nick), they do not speak English, but welcomes you into the family and makes you feel at home.
In general I think they have their priorities more in order as we do.
I cannot wait to go back again, traveling in Ukrain, Russia and Moldova is like an adventure, I always travel alone, taking plane, buses and trains, I love the trains.
When I am with my girlfriend she will not let me take the local bus by myself, she is afraid I get lost!!!!
Of course I hav encountered a few scammers in the net, but you recognise them easily, THEY ASK FOR MONEY!!