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    Default darn! any of you get these daft letters!

    ok here is one...... my reply......

    yo! talk sense. i can write your letter in 5 words.....

    i like you a lot

    jeez! here is what i had to read!!

    hello my dearest XXXXX, it seems to me that the etirnity has passed since our last contact, i'm truly sorry for such delay with my answer, but dear, i hope you didn't stop to be waiting for my letter?? dear i truly was missing you. we have known each other not long period of time but i already feel as my heart and soul draws to you very much. dear i hope my letter can warm you. you know dear, when you have deep, tender and warm feelings towards other person, it's so easy to write the letter, it seems that you could tell and tell him about your life, your dreams, your wishes and desires, but unfortunately there is such thing as time and you haven't other choice as only to admire those minutes, which were given to you for spending together, moments which you'll remember and cherish in your heart. you know my dear today the weather is pretty cold and rainy and windy here and when i came into the int.cafe my fingers were trembling, but as only i started to read your letters, i forgot and about bad weather and about cold wind and about trembling fingers and even about hige distance between us and disappeared in your tender words, in your letters, full with warmth. for a moment i close my eyes and tried to imagine us near, just me and you together, somewhere in the middle of the summer, among the sunny gold rays, beautiful colorful flowers and soft green grass, listening to the singing of the birds....ohhh how it would be wonderful. by the way my dear what is your the most favourite season??
    my dearest XXXX, i'm touched so much with your kind, warm words and they make my eyes be shining with the joy and happiness...they are really lacking such shining...sometimes people say to me that they see in them the sadness, but, frankly speaking it's not the sadness, it's loneliness, and though i have a lot of friends and they are wonderful, i have family, my parents and sister..so i'm surround with very dear people...but however my soul is lonely. but you know my dear, when i saw the letter from you in my mail box, i felt so warmly in my heart and my eyes expressed all my gladness :0) so my dear, my eyes started to be shining with joy :0)
    you know my lovely, i would be ready to do so much for my beloved man..everything what will be in my power, i would try to become for him the sun and the moon, the little tender kitten in his arms and the tigress, protecting him, his ideal, his dream and the megicion, coming true all dreams and desires....i would care about him and cherish him in my love and caress, leting nobody and nothing hurt his heart, i would give him so much happiness as he only could accept and near him i would be happy too. It is not easy to say all. There are many little things. Each little touch, holding hands, what I see when we look into each other's eyes. but may be the best way to say it, i would give him the feeling being loved.
    you know my dear, i'm such person, who can be happy only knowing that dear for me people are happy too and if my close people, my family or my friends feel sad, it makes upset me very much too sometimes my father says to me that i have too kind heart and i trust people too much and i shouldn't do it because the world is not so much perfect as we would wish, but however i'm sure that good people are more than bad and my lovely could i ask you have you got a lot of people, whom you could trust without any doubts and hassitations?? and i wonder are you a person who makes the friendship with other people very easy??
    my dear XXXX, you ask me what i think about age difference..you know my dear, i think heart, full with love, doesn't know what age difference is..it doesn't care about how old a person is, who makes it be beating like the crazy one or just make to stop for few instances...but inthe relations of two people, man and woman, only the order of the heart has the power and there is not any place for the prejudices and doubts. it's like good wine...with every year, it's just getting more delicious :0)
    i know that inner beauty, that the beauty of the heart and soul hasn't the age, but true love appreciates only these things, but not the matirial position or appearance or something like this. the richness can be lost or spent, the appearance can be changed, but the heart, that is full with beatiful dreams, with kindness, with the abilty to love...such heart will be the same even in thousands years. dear i appreciate very much your age, for your wisdom, for your maturity, for your understanding and respect toward feelings other feelings, because you're not interested in fool games, which can be the reason of deep wound in the heart. you're serious in your intentions, you're serious in your promises and that is why near you every woman can feel like after the stone wall, but it's very important for the woman to feel the realible man near. it's my opinion about your age. and you ask why you....it's pretty hard question for me...XXXXX, why the sun is shining?? why it seems to you that you can fly, when you're in love??? why a lot of birds can't live without the sky and fishes without the see??? why, XXXX???so why the heart can drawn to the heart of certain person and be absolutely indifferent toward another one?? sometimes mind can't find the answers and explaine the acts of the heart. so and everything what we can do in this case is just to trust to our heart and don't look for the explanations why my heart liked yours :0)
    dear XXXX, you ask me about the relocate, if i could i leave my country, if we got merried...leavemy friends and family and to stay with you. my dear i don't want to hide from you that of course for me it will be not very easy decision and of course i'll miss them, because all this time they're my life, they're the best, the lightest part of my life and it's always very hard to part with good. but at the same time every of us understand that excpet family, friends, job we need something more, we need sombody more, we need love and we need beloved man...we need feel all the time the warmth of his/her hadns, the support, his/her care, caress, tenderness...neither family, no friends and of course no job can give it. two loving each other people must be together, always and if we become for each other such people, i'll be with you in England, just everywhere, where you'll be .
    dar XXXX, for me it's very pleasant to hear that you made your choice and you would like to correspond only with me...but to tell you the truth, i can't say to you if you should switch your profile off or not, because i perfectly understand that it's not easy to find your just the one true love in this big world...all the time we meet new and new people and looking at them and talking to them, try to understand if it's what i was looking for or may be not?? we have to choose among a lot of people, whom we meet and that is why it's very important don't make the mistake, because we have deal with our the most tender things, such as heart and soul, we have deal with our the most tender feelings, such as trust and love. and that is why we should be completely sure, that a person, whom we chose, is exactly the other half of our heart, but it's possible to understand only when your heart will tell you about it, just started to beat faster or opposite, just stop to beat for few seconds...after your letters, mine stoped to beat :0)
    so my dear, i'm sorry but we have to part, it's awful time with its limits. unfortunately i have to come back to the coldness again.. but i know that no cold wind will not be able to make my heart frozen, because i have you there and i'll keep this warmth till our next meeting...i'm waiting for you and of course for your photos, your Olga

    p.s. for the benefit of elenag. this one has ticket number 25. she is 4ft 9 tall. bust 3 and darned good looking.

    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hey nick20045 how about showing us some of your letter LOL
    anyone that can get a woman to copy that mach and send it to them must be good LOL

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    she is really a lovely girl and i do not think she uses templates either. all her letters answer mine. any questions i ask she answers them. only thing is, i can imagine being with her and we go for a take away! it will take about 10 minutes of rambling just to order a fish and chips.

    and i think it is all because of my charm, which, as most of you can see, i have a lot of it.

    to all russian scammers: i am somewhat of a bullshi*ter myself but i do like to listen to a professional. please carry on
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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