Hey, I recently had a little fun. I know it is a little underhanded but, I got pretty sick of reading about the poor folks that had sent money to these people only to have the funds fall deep into the scamer's abyss!

I started by getting an email for one of the scammers. Sent her an email and then proceeded along until she "fell in love with me"

When she asked for money, I said sure adn even offered to send a little extra to make sure that she would be ok and have enough for extras.

I took a western union receipt that I found from google images and altered it with the name I was using and the amount we discussed and of course the curent date. I put the recipient's name in there with a couple of letters changed.

She went to get her transfer and of course there was nothing for her. SHe emailed me asking for the transfer number. I gave her the one off the one I made. She went again to collect and still nothing. She emailed me again saying I was lying. So I sent her the fake receipt I made asking her how she could talk to me that way she did. She emailed back saying she was so sorry and that it was the bank who said I was lying. Now, the couple of letters I purposely did wrong on the receipt, made her think that it was the small mistakes in her name that casued them to say there was no transfer for her. So, off to the bank she went for a fifth time thinking for sure she would have the $$$ now! Again, nothing. I told her I was upset at the way she called me a liar and I cancelled the transfer. Now she is tying to love it up again. This one is not over yet, still having some fun with it. At the very least, I have had her running all over the place trying to find her money.

Again, I know it's not a nice thing, but, I figured it was time for the shoe to be on the other foot!

If anyone would like to play too, just let me know the details of what you would like on the receipt and I will be glad to make you one and email it out.

My email is: dont_like_dishonesty@hotmail.com

I have never been scammed like this so, I can't feel your pain but, I know it must be a disheartening experience. Perhaps some of you would like to have a little fun and scam the scammer! Let me know.

Take care,

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