Evening Peterdragon: You did it. you got me up. This I do know about from a person expierence with engineers from the FSU. I have 30 plus years expereience in the design of ships. From the basic schemantics to final delivery to the particular customer (from private industry to the US Navy. I have been invovlved with many engineers from foriegn engineers, and they do not have a background comparable to someone schooled in the US. A doctorate degree is apparently handed out just to any warm body that can grrab it.and think on this. Why is the majority of the russian navy sitting on the beach rusting away. Why has russia had so many subs sink?. The US navy is still using the US Kitty Hawk,Uss Ranger,Uss Kennedy USS Forestal all ships that were built in the early 50's. BY the way what about Cherynoble?. Please do not hand out this bull**** about colleges being better. Ever been in a russian car? The party controllers get the best. Remember the Yugo? not many people do. Least american cars rust slow. They have a free education system there. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. even in scammers.

Randolph J Peters