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    Default I'm a nnew scammer and I need your advice

    I'm 37 years old man who has a very honoranle job and that even looks good. In the last 3 months I was corresponding with a Russian woman which was "really beautiful & sensitive" - She became all my life, and we "planed" to meet in England for two and a half weeks. Unfortunately, I've sent her about 2,400$ dollars (for passport, visa, tickets, clothes, dentists etc.), and some gifts to the adress she gave me (I know she recieved that gifts, although it took about 6 weeks). I told her I'll give her a lot of money in our meeting. She called me 8 times and sounded really sweet and serious. I got about 50 letters from her and about 40 pictures of a simple nice Russian girl (not a model). About a week before the meeting, when everything was "closed" from my side to go out for a dreamed vacation in England with her, she tried to catch me on the phone (I was not home) and finally left some messages that she cannot come because her father made an accident. This week I was really shocked when I found all those sites about the "scammers" which were including her name everywhere and the same letters (+ -) she sent me. None of the pictures she sent me was in any of those sites. I'm
    really sick of making mistakes and don't know what I should do now. I don't know, I have so many questions... - If this woman knew that she's gonna have everything from me, as she knows about my very good economic situation and she has a lot of my pictures, why did she give it up so fast, why didn't she tried the relations with me ? (I was really nice to her). If the woman in the pictures is not the same "woman" who wrote me, so where are all this pictures came from and who is the really sweet girl that has phoned me and talked to me so many times ?, If she's a scammer, why did she called me so many times and left her voice so many times on my electronic secretary ?, How could she take the money from "Western union" if it's not her ?, Why did she gave up the trip to England if she could abuse me there (She knew I'm gonna give her a lot of good time and a lot of money there!)? etc., etc., etc.. I'm sorry, I'm so confused. I was sure I'm really briliant until this case happened to me. What you suuggest me to do now ? (She called me last night and was really sweet)- I will be really grateful if you answer me and give me your advise, Andy.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Originally posted by ham

    As soon as i make it perfectly clear that i'm sending no money & i'm interested in relocation to the FSU, 4/5 disappear right away no question asked. Besides hardcore scammers, you have those interested in your country first, than yourself, whom are not that much better.
    Are you actually interested in relocating to the FSU or is it just something that you tell them?

    A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

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    while with such plans only time will tell, as i'm not into fake claims, i'm interested in that.
    what's for sure is that it would do no good to bring most FSUWs over here.
    point interesting enough, many also seem to ignore the fact i'm trying to learn russian...they sound bothered by that i daresay.
    While i'm not proficient enough to carry anything meaningful on yet, i suppose many think that spoils the "$ for english courses, translations etc ".
    What's for sure is i'm convinced fishing among the (few) FSUWs fluent in any main western language (be it english, french, german or else ) does no good.
    Every foreigner there has been (very likely) around them for the simple reason they can talk to him.
    It's like throwing a 10000 people party at a stadium and serving drinks with only 50 glasses...

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    Is it worthit to learn russian for the sake of a woman? I find it weird actually maybe coz I do not have free time to do so.
    I agree with ham about learning russian though if you r really interested in being with a russian woman... I am not interested personnaly in russians or eastern europe countries anymore coz they do not sound to me that smart

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    i'm convinced some things must either be done the [u]rightway or [u]not at all.
    By doing rushed things over the internet or landing there a weekend for a social, you risk to reckon with the same sort as most MOB seekers did...
    Yes, you can perhaps get married to the third woman sending you a mail; or the third day of the social, but such chances are mostly doomed in my opinion.

    Sure, my "plans" can just be hot air & never materialize, but i've no divine assurance i'm going to wake up alive next year either, so what?
    To make an example, you don't learn a language proficiently in three months, and you don't become a surgeon or an accountant in just one year...
    It takes years.

    Of course one should:
    a) love & find it rather easy to learn languages, which i do.
    b) love languages & culture, while most men venture the MOB road only & exclusively to chase tail.

    The problem is, who is interested in the overused pool of visa queens, pub foxes & professional daters, which make up the greatest majority of FSUWs fluent in say english?
    Does anyone trulybelieve they stand meaningful chances with them? Or that it would go beyond the sugar daddy/shopping spree/novelty item thing?
    I once read an editorial from a blond american model/escort who was fluent in japanese.
    Most of her assignments were from japan, where she resided regularly.
    Now i bet my paychecks that she got laid by all the japanese men who could afford it...because where does a japanese race mixer find a blond american bimbo fluent in his language?
    Why wouldn't this apply to pretty Olga or pretty Natasha fluent in English or German?
    Sure, such people are better entertainers than one's average street Olga's or Natasha's, but if i want [u]that kind of amusement, there are lapdance bars here, too.
    To keep up with that, i should be making $20000 tax free a month, and obviously i'm not.

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    I think you guys are all too negative about this.
    I have no connection with your feelings about these women.
    If you feel like this, you should indeed give up on FSU women and stay home
    About learning Russian, I am in the process of learning it, of course for me it serves two purposes, first to improve the contact with the people I do business with, but also to connect with FSU women.
    My girlfriend appreciates my efforts, as I do her efforts to imrove her English.
    For Europeans it is relative cheap to travel to FSU.
    A ticket and apartment rent for a week add up to a max 700 euro in Ukraine.

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    if things are mostly milk&honey for anyone, good for them.
    It isn't so for me & many others.
    The most recent case is a gas station + small restaurant owner here, who brought home some FSUW.
    Well, i think she was out of his league and whatever, but he told my father he was convinced he was about true love and whatever.
    That is a real person, not some WWW alias.
    To make it short, his trophy wife disappeared within one year from their marriage.
    Another case i personally know is a supermarket employee.
    He went to Lithuania, brought her here ( i have never seen her, but some said she was out of his league as well ), depleted his life savings and got into debts.
    Now he used to work for say mr.X. Mr. X was an overly indebted subcontractor who operated a store he had gotten via marriage to some woman wealthier than him.
    Now his FSU wife got to work for mr.X as well...you know...making ends meet + boosting her self-esteem.
    Within 6 months she was in bed with mr.X (who had divorced in the meantime), who got even more into debt to open a cafe for her (debts piling up).
    She left her dumb husband & moved in with mr.X.
    Within a while, i heard that the cafe thing wasn't going very well.
    Weeks ago i learnt she trapped mr.X with a "ad hoc" pregnacy.
    The supermarket employee is now back to Lithuania...
    well, ok we can either:
    a) learn a lesson, or
    b) think these people are complete morons and we're a cut above -> we make the same mistakes.
    These are facts i know first hand, not WWW stories pulled by some trolling prankster...
    Some call this cuynicism...i call it realism.

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    You are right about this, you should indeed be alert on this.
    I have no idea about the numbers in a bigger picture.
    Are the diforce numbers higher with FSU women as other marriages?
    Has this anything to do with language problems, no being able to find a job or her own social life, or difference in age?
    If I marry a Dutch women who is 23 years younger as I am, there is a bigger chance the marriage will not stand.
    It is not a problem to staryt dating a woman from the FSU about 20-25 younger as I am.
    When I am 70, she will be 45 , I guess this is something to think about.
    If you are an ordinary looking guy, with a normal job and salary and you start dating a "model" from FSU, you are in trouble too in the long run.
    I guess we are not always smart in our own choices too.

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    Well, let's talk again about the issue AGE DIFFERENCE. That is not so simple. I agree that when a woman is under 25 she is still a very young girl and not mature enough. So if a man of 40-50 marries a "girl" of 18-25 I am sure that it will not work. In most cases such young girls only want to misuse the situation economically in some way.
    But when the woman gets older than 30 the situation changes. She has life experience and she is more mature. So she probably already thinks about the life and marriage much in the same way as a man of 55.
    They get children and when her husband dies before her she will inherit his property, get his pension and if she still works she has no economic problems in her life. She has adult children and probably soon also grandchildren and she will not be alone ! Many pensioners still want to live a good life. They will find new friends and probably can marry again. And we must always remember that if a woman from FSU countries comes to your country she has NOTHING (only her p...y which you are so feverly looking for..)so she will be very happy when she will later have such a good life economically.

    I think that much more problematic will be the situation when a woman has a child. A FSU woman will NOT get ANY help from the father of the child or from FSU. So her new husband must be rather rich to be able to support 3 people instead of himself alone. Well it can be ok if the man is not able to get his own children but if he wants own children he has certainly a hard job to support such a big family.
    There are really many such VERY good looking young women in FSU who are looking for a man only to support her child and give her/him a better life. In many cases they still love the father of their child and when they visit their home country they will probably meet him even intimately...I know that this is very common in Russia....

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    while many men fall victim of their unreasonable & overboard expectations, there is a ground problem with most of these FSUWs, especially those you met via WWW/MOB/LD.As i say, we all would like Shakiras or Gwen Stefanis all over us, but what would such an high-end broad want to do with [u]me? I'm not Eric Clapton and i'm not jocking discs at some $150 entry fee upscale London club, so...
    I still think (according to experience gathered ) that bringing such women to the west is a very dangerous move.
    You can't chain them to your doorstep, and sooner than later they're in bed with the first idiot who has more $...or just looks like he does.
    Then, what does one do?
    Think of the dozens upon dozens of men who even sponsored them through college spending tens of thousands on that only...
    Then they are outside all the day, meeting countless men whose only priority is to get laid...the broad gets flattered because perhaps you're working overtime to foot her bills, and can't just tell her nice rubbish & stud for a living...
    I think going there is better.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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