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    Default any suggestions ?? Natasha

    This person has been already been posted as a scammer. After 3 months of writing she finally popped the $$$ question. Any ideas on having
    some fun. ??

    Hello my dear Mike,

    Thanks for your letter. How are you? I am fine and I hope you
    too. Today I visit travel agency and find out all about my coming to

    All what I need for my coming to you it is ticket "there-back",
    visa, my foreign passport. I find out the cost of all this and now I
    have 2 news for you. One bad and one good.

    The ticket Moscow-Mami-Moscow cost $1265 America dollars. The
    making of the visa is cost $283 America dollars. The making of the
    foreign passport is cost $157 America dollars. Also I need the ticket
    from my city up to Moscow which cost 66 America dollars. All this cost
    I need $1771 America dollars. The bad news is that I don't have all
    this money. All what I can get by myself and with help of my parents
    is $436 America dollars. I don't know what to do. I so upset that such
    thing as money stand between our meeting.

    And now the good news. If I have all money then the making of
    all documents what I need for my coming to you will take 6 days. The
    making of the my foreign passport take 2 days. And making of visa take
    4 days. Also I find out that flights from Moscow up to Mami are made
    each day. So what we will do?

    I will wait your letter, my love.

    Yours Natasha

    P.S. My love if you have any questions you can write to the travel
    agency. The name of the travel agency what I visit is "RusTravel". The
    e-mail is rus256travel@pochta.ru You can contact with the Ivan Gridov,
    he is the travel agent with whom I speak in the travel agency. Now
    about your questions:

    1)Natasha i dont even know your full name or address?
    > My full name is Natalia Kolbasnikova and My address is Russia,
    > Cheboksary, Lenina, st., 10-48.

    2)what is your phone # or a phone you can be reached at?
    > I don't have phone and it no phone I can be reached at. In my first
    > letter I write you this...P.S. I need to tell you that I don't have
    > the computer and the phone at home that is way I write you from
    > Internet Cafe. Do you remeber this???

    3)You said you are a student, where ?
    >Yes I am student and I am stuny in University in my city.

    4)how long ?
    >I have already study 4 years and this year is the last.

    5)You told me about your olympaid, what university were you participating for ?
    > I was participating for my University (Cheboksarski Gosudarstvennii
    > University)

    6) where was the event taken place at ?
    >It was take place ate city Kruevo.

    7)what date and how long did you have to go there for ?
    > I went there 28 of Sepetmber and come back 11 of October. I have
    > write you aboout it. Do you remmber?

    8)How did you participate in it ?
    > I was the member of th my university team

    9) What did you win ?
    > I win first place in the Computer Language. It was not sport
    > Olympiad. It was scientific Olympiad

    10)what did you like that made you want to contact me????
    > I like all what you write about yourself in your profile.

    11) Sorry but I don't find 11th question. Why you write me that you
    have asked me 11 questions if you ask me only 10th?

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Try to send her over and over to a Western Union outlet. Remember to write 10 numbers but change them around each time, or spell her name wrong. I had one"lady" go on the trip 7 times before she quit writing. Even if she is a registered scammer, repost her so her profile is updated. Thanx

    send no money .....please

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    quote:Originally posted by scam magnet

    This person has been already been posted as a scammer. After 3 months of writing she finally popped the $$$ question. Any ideas on having
    some fun.

    Here is what I did about 2 years ago with the same situation. It will cost you about $30 but you can really make this scammer feel like an ass.
    Basically the same scenereo (ticket/visa) BS. The girl lived in Kazan and asked for $1500 after about 3 weeks.
    I sent her an e-mail saying that it seemed like a really good price and I have absolutely no problem sending her the money in a couple of days.
    I sent a package to Moscow by DSL. Use DSL for this since it is the largest parcel delivery company in Russia and very well known.
    Forward the package to one of the Moscow agents 'TO BE PICKED UP AT THIS SITE BY RECEIPIENT ONLY'. It will cost about $30 from south Florida.
    I sent a message to the girl saying that my Western Union account had been frozen by my ex-wifes attorney. (Total BS). But the good news was that I had sent a package to her by DSL that contained the cash. I gave her the tracking number and told her that since it was cash, she would need to go to Moscow to pick it up.
    I immediately received a message back from her telling me how upset she was about this and that it would be a big problem for her to go to Moscow.
    After about four days the package arrived. She is still having a problem going to Moscow and I told her that after ten days the package would be sent back to me.
    After a few more days she could not resist the temptation and took a 30 hour train to Moscow to the DSL office to get the package.
    The next few days, I was called every name that you could possibly think of. HaHa. I was even told that the Russian mafia in Miami would be paying me a visit soon.
    Inside the package was a picture of a 'Bird' that I had hand drawn on a piece of paper. I'm not talking about that kind with wings.
    It is a universal sign language that even Russians understand.

    A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

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    I think it is a pretty good idea, because WU ftansfers are too easy to track (they have "transfer status" feature on their web site that any scammer can use to see if the transfer number is valid).

    Just be careful not to do it to too many scammers or the word will get out and they won't even borther going to MOscow to pick up anything, they will know that "the frozen WU account" story is a set up

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    Well, good story.
    But DSL is in every big city in Russia.
    No need to travel to Moscow.
    But if you were succesfull...it is great !

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    I really enjoyed your story with the DSL package.
    This is a way to get even and there is no way to track you down!!!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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